Rurik Jutting

Chilling video evidence shows British banker Rurik Jutting threatening victim

Double murder suspect allegedly recorded himself saying he was disgusted with himself for torturing people brutally but had no sense of guilt

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 25 October, 2016, 1:30pm
UPDATED : Monday, 16 October, 2017, 9:01am

Warning: the following article contains graphic descriptions of violence

A British banker accused of killing two Indonesian women in 2014 claimed in self-made video clips that he was disgusted with himself for torturing people brutally but had no sense of guilt.

Rurik Jutting, 31, also described the way he had turned from an investment banker into a “part-time rapist/murderer”.

British banker tortured woman for three days before cutting her throat, Hong Kong court told

On the second day of his trial in the High Court, video footage filmed by the Briton himself recording how he purportedly tortured Sumarti Ningsih, 23, before killing her, was shown to jurors.

The Indonesian woman was tortured for three days with a belt and sex toys before her tormentor cut her throat on or about October 27, 2014, the court heard earlier.

Jurors were also told Jutting murdered another Indonesian woman, Seneng Mujiasih, 26, by cutting her throat five days later.

Jutting has denied two counts of murder, but pleaded guilty to two counts of manslaughter.

In separate video clips played in court on Tuesday, a naked Jutting talked about the alleged first killing and his fantasies.

He briefly panned his mobile phone camera to a female body lying face down dressed only in underwear.

“My name is Rurik Jutting. About five minutes ago I just killed, murdered, this woman here,” he then said into the camera.

Moments later he held up his shaking hand.

“It’s Monday night. I’ve held her captive since early Saturday, I’ve raped her repeatedly, I tortured her, tortured her badly.”

The court heard him say the victim had been reduced to a “sex object”.

“I still don’t feel guilty, I feel sickness,” the Briton was heard saying. He said he had killed his first victim in some “very perverted sense”.

“The narcissistic ramblings of Rurik Jutting, Rurik George Caton Jutting. Former vice-president of structured equity, finance and trading at Merrill Lynch, newly unemployed and part-time rapist/murderer,” he continued.

Jurors earlier saw in another clip that the woman was being tortured.

The footage, shown only to jurors and related parties, indicated that Jutting had threatened to beat the woman.

“How much do you love me? Do you love me? If you say yes, I hit you once. If you say no, I hit you twice,” a man believed to be Jutting said. “If you scream, I will punch you,” he said.

The man was also heard saying he would cut off the victim's nipples.

Jutting subjected Sumarti to “increasingly cruel acts of violence using his belt, sex toys, a pair of pliers and his fists” in his Wan Chai flat, prosecutor John Reading told the court earlier.

The accused allegedly wrapped the body in plastic bags and stuffed it in a suitcase after killing her.

The Briton called police on the morning of November 1 after the alleged second killing.

He called the “999” emergency line saying he wanted to surrender himself, but officers on the line seemed to have difficulty understanding what he was saying, according to an audio tape played in court.

Policeman Si Wai-sing, one of the first officers to arrive at the scene after receiving Jutting’s call, also said he did not understand what the Briton said.

“I knew he was speaking English, but I couldn’t understand the context,” Si said when he testified on Monday.

The hearing is scheduled to last 15 days before deputy High Court judge Mr Justice Michael Stuart-Moore.