Rurik Jutting

‘She was the kind of girl I’d have a proper relationship with,’ British banker Rurik Jutting tells police in video shown on trial’s third day

In footage of police interviews, murder suspect says one alleged victim was ‘unlucky to be the person who was in my flat’

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 26 October, 2016, 5:40pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 26 October, 2016, 6:15pm

Warning: the following article contains graphic descriptions of violence

Footage of police interviews with a British banker accused of killing two Indonesian women in Hong Kong in 2014, was played in court on the third day of his trial.

Rurik Jutting, 31, has denied two counts of murder for killing Sumarti Ningsih, 23, and Seneng Mujiasih, 26.

Cut so deep it went through victim’s vertebrae, Hong Kong court told in British banker’s double murder trial

The jury already saw earlier footage played on the second day of the trial in which Jutting filmed himself purportedly torturing Sumarti before killing her.

Here are parts of the police interview transcript from the third day’s hearing:

“I want to give you all the information I know. To be frank I am extremely tired and drained. It’s possible I’m going to forget things.”

“These two Indonesians ... both of them died, both of them I’ve killed ... There are no other victims.”

On Sumarti Ningsih:

“I know her as Alice. I forgot her Indonesian name.”

“Initially she was just tied up, giving me oral sex ... Over the course of the evening I started to actually hurt her by hitting her with a belt, and restrain her in various positions. I progressively hurt her worse and worse. I took a kitchen knife and threatened her physically. I threatened to kill her if she didn’t do everything I said. She was obviously very scared.”

“I restrained her arms with a belt. I forced her to bend over the toilet on her arms and knees. She was on the ground. From behind her I held her hair, with a knife from the kitchen I cut her throat. She made no noise. She didn’t cry. She was bleeding on the floor ... I used the knife to cut as deeply as I could, into her artery. She died quite rapidly once I did it.”

“Once I had killed her, after taking more cocaine, my initial response was to jump from the balcony.”

“When she was inside my apartment, she was in my full control.”

“After the first hour, it was without her consent. After the first hour, she was more than willing to leave.”

[Police: “Why didn’t you let her go?” ] “Because I was deriving very extreme satisfaction ... pleasure from her being physically restrained.”

“I didn’t sever her head but I probably half severed it.”

“She made no noise, she made no noise. I held her mouth very tightly. She was very small.”

[Police: “Why did you do that to her?”] “It’s a question I think I will always ask myself.”

“I was thinking of a way to let her go in a way that it would not be traceable to me. Clearly if I let her go I would be caught, or I would have to kill her. These are the two options I saw.”

“I wasn’t in a state of thinking properly. It later became inevitable that I had to kill her. Thinking back to it, I don’t think I can fully explain that.”

“Before I met her that day, I absolutely had no plans at all, no plans to torture her.”

“Progressively I went from hitting her quite lightly to hitting her quite hard to abusing her very badly. I think she felt the threat of death. It escalated. It got out of hand.”

[Police: “How did you confirm Alice was dead?”] “I didn’t. Her face was completely white. She was not responsive. I’ve never seen a dead body.”

“I had done something which I had never done before ... I realised I enjoyed it ... a sense of enjoyment I’ve never had. It made me realise I was going to do it again. This was not going to be a one-off thing.”

“It had awakened a part of me that I never realised existed.”

“I didn’t meet Alice with the intent of killing her.”

“Why her? She was unlucky to be the person who was in my flat when I realised physically hurting someone while I was under cocaine was what I would gain satisfaction from.”

“I did actually like her. She was the kind of girl I’d have a proper relationship with.”

On Seneng Mujiasih:

“I apologise. I don’t have the name of this individual. I didn’t hear her name.”

“I had a moment when I didn’t want to go through with it.”

“Sitting on sofa, she saw I had put a rope there, which had a home-made gag attached to it to gag her. She saw it and realise what it was. She started shouting in a language very loudly. I had put on the side of the sofa two knives which I intended to threaten her with, to force her to stay captive. Once she started shouting I took the large knife and force her down on the sofa and held the knife to her throat. And I told her I was going to cut her throat.”

“She was very brave ... She was struggling, she was resisting, she was shouting. In the course of that I cut her, I used all my force to cut her.”

“I don’t recall how long it took her to die.”

“This girl, I don’t know why I chose her. I’ve never met her before. She was, at that point in time, she was simply prey ... I was hunting for prey.”

“I needed to recreate her being imprisoned by me. There was this hunger, urge for that.”

“For a short period of time the human side of me kicked in. I knew that was wrong. But that lasted briefly, a few minutes. I did some coke and that side of me just went.”

“There was an impulsive desire to hurt her.”