Hong Kong physiotherapist gets fright of his life as metal plate hits his windscreen

Kenneth Au Yeung says his wife normally occupies the seat where the object landed

PUBLISHED : Monday, 31 October, 2016, 12:33am
UPDATED : Monday, 31 October, 2016, 12:55am

A driver had a lucky escape when he was making what should have been a routine trip on a Cheung Sha Wan highway.

Physiotherapist Kenneth Au Yeung, 32, had the shock of his life when a metal object smashed into the windscreen of his BMW as he was driving eastwards on Ching Cheung Road near Tai Po Road at about 9am on Sunday.

The object – a plate measuring 22cm – landed on the passenger seat next to him.

It was the seat usually occupied by his wife, who happened not to be there that morning.

“My wife and I planned to go to a training class together but our children at home needed her care and luckily she didn’t go,” Au Yeung said.

“My mind went blank. It was as fast as a bullet. You had nowhere to hide.”

Au Yeung said it was lucky no one died.

After the incident, the frightened driver pulled over at roadworks and called police.

A review of the footage from the dash camera in the car is thought to show the iron plate flying off a dump truck in the opposite lane.

A mark was clearly seen where it hit the car seat.

The licence plate of the truck involved was not captured because it was blocked by a road divider.

Police are investigating the incident.

In a similar incident on the West Kowloon Corridor in January, a 59-year-old retired police sergeant was killed when a 4kg rock smashed his windscreen and hit his head when he was on his way home after driving his wife to work. It is not known where the rock came from.