Rurik Jutting

Victim of savage murder ‘haunted’ by British banker, she said in chilling last call to family in Indonesia

Sumarti Ningsih’s father says she also thought her killer, Rurik Jutting, wanted to marry her

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 November, 2016, 3:45pm
UPDATED : Friday, 07 July, 2017, 9:33pm

Sumarti Ningsih, who was tortured for three days before she was killed by banker Rurik Jutting, told her family in a phone call during the last days of her life that the Briton had been “haunting” her, the South China Morning Post has learned.

In an interview conducted in her home town of Gandrungmangu, Indonesia, her father, Ahmad Kaliman, told the Post that in the last conversation they had with Sumarti, days prior to her death, his daughter said she feared Jutting would kidnap her.

“She said that he wanted to marry her,” he added.

Kaliman, 61, said his daughter, who had been scheduled to fly back from Hong Kong on November 2, sounded desperate to come home, which was unusual as she rarely complained about her stay in the city during such conversations.

“It seems she was happy [in Hong Kong],” her mother, Suratmi, 51, said, recalling past phone calls.

But Kaliman said the last call was different.

“She said that she couldn’t live [there] any more, and that she felt like [she was] being haunted.”

“Then I asked: ‘Who haunted you?’” Kaliman said.

“It was Rurik. His name was Rurik.”

According to Sumarti, Kaliman recalled, Rurik often asked her to go to various places with him and would “seduce” her.

Sumarti’s mother said her daughter had told her only that she had been employed as a domestic worker, although it was revealed during the trial that Sumarti was on a tourist visa at the time she was killed.

Meanwhile, Juninem, 56 – the mother of the other murder victim, Seneng Mujiasih – said she knew only that her daughter was working as a waitress in Hong Kong.

Chris Lau in Indonesia

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