Hong Kong Police take to Facebook after woman filmed hurling abuse at officer

The officer involved in the incident posted a message saying that “strict enforcement action is necessary to maintain and promote road safety” after the video went viral on Monday

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 15 November, 2016, 5:58pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 15 November, 2016, 10:29pm

A traffic policeman who was verbally abused by a woman for nearly three minutes on a busy Hong Kong street while issuing a ticket to a motorist on Sunday has said that “strict enforcement action is necessary to maintain and promote road safety” in a post on the police Facebook page.

A message on the social media page said Senior Constable Cheung Wai-nam, also known as “Lion sir”, who is a member of the Enforcement and Control division of Hong Kong Island traffic unit, does not feel good issuing tickets to drivers.

Speaking in a one-minute video clip posted late on Monday night, he said that to ensure the safety of road users, officers always conduct traffic enforcement actions, especially at locations that are identified as “accident blacksites”.

“We fully understand that some of the offenders being prosecuted will be unhappy and few of them may become agitated,” Cheung said.

“We take enforcement actions to enhance the road safety awareness of road users and raise the alertness of road users in order to reduce the number of fatal traffic accidents.”

“We wish all of you to return home safely” was his final message in the video.

It is understood the clip was posted on Facebook in response to accusation by an angry woman who was videotaped while hurling abuse at the officer for nearly three minutes in Western on Sunday afternoon.

The woman unleashed a tirade of abuse at the officer after the vehicle she was travelling in, which was being driven by an elderly man, was stopped and issued with a penalty for making an illegal U-turn on Des Voeux Road West near the junction with Wilmer Street. The location is identified as a traffic blackspot.

“Writing a few words took an hour. Are you crazy? Do I need to teach you?” the woman is heard shouting at the officer in the video. She then told the officer to “eat s**t” and said: “b*****d ... you waste taxpayers’ money.”

Many onlookers and online spectators expressed support for the traffic policeman as the video of the incident surfaced on local social media on Monday and quickly went viral.

The woman in the clip is the wife of Fung Siu-wing, the former publisher of now closed Chinese-language newspaper Hong Kong Daily News.

Fung confirmed with local newspapers that he was the driver of the car at the time of the incident and the female passenger was his wife.

He told Ming Pao Daily News that he was in hurry to go to hospital to visit a friend and asked the policeman to complete the procedure quickly but the officer did not respond.

He said his wife became frustrated because the officer took at least 20 minutes to issue the ticket and he believed the policeman was doing it on purpose.

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But a police source said the senior constable completed the process in 10 minutes.

It was the second time the woman had hurled abuse at the police in 14 months.

A two-minute video clip posted on YouTube showed her shouting abuse at two policeman and one policewoman outside Jardine House in Central in September last year, as police were issuing a parking ticket to the male driver of a car she was travelling in.

The police source said Sunday’s incident and last year’s incident involved the same couple and the same car.

Chairman Joe Chan Cho-kwong of the Junior Police Officers’ Association said on Monday that the association would continue to liaise with the force’s management to push for insulting a police officer to be made an “arrestable offence”.