Con artists take HK$3,000 from elderly woman after claiming she found their money

Two men took cash from victim’s bag while searching it to ‘prove her innocence’

PUBLISHED : Friday, 20 January, 2017, 4:17pm
UPDATED : Friday, 20 January, 2017, 11:41pm

An elderly woman lost HK$3,000 in a street scam on Friday morning when two con artists accused her of picking up a bundle of their cash and demanded to search her bag.

Ng Kit-ching, 79, was approached by the scammers after she withdrew HK$3,000 from the Bank of China branch at Sha Kok Estate, leaving shortly before 10am. She placed the banknotes in a bank book inside her recycling bag.

A man came up to her claiming he had dropped a bundle of money on the street and accused her of picking up the cash, according to police.

Another man posing as a witness then said he saw Ng put the bundle into her recycling bag.

“They demanded to search my bag. I let them check,” Ng told local media. “I did not pick up the money. I was not afraid of them searching my bag.”

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Minutes after the two men left, Ng checked her belongings and found the HK$3,000 missing.

According to the widow, the two scammers were middle-aged Cantonese-speaking men.

A police source said this was common street scam, adding that the two men had taken Ng’s money while looking in her bag.

Officers mounted a search, but no arrests were made. Investigators from Sha Tin police district are working on the case.

In a separate incident on Wednesday morning, a 72-year-old man was targeted by a snatch thief after he withdrew HK$69,000 from a bank in Kwai Chung. A 43-year-old man grabbed the cash and tried to escape. Two passers-by and a police officer managed to subdue the suspect after a brief chase.