Bossini heiress kidnapping

Bossini heiress kidnapper has appeal for reduced jail term rejected

Zheng Xingwang was jailed for 12 years over the kindnapping of Queenie Rosita Law in April 2015

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 15 February, 2017, 2:22pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 15 February, 2017, 2:25pm

The High Court rejected an appeal by a man convicted over the kidnapping of Bossini clothing chain heiress Queenie Rosita Law for a reduced jail term on Wednesday.

Zheng Xingwang, who was jailed for 12 years on June 16, told the court that he considered his sentence “excessive”.

Judge Mr Justice Ian McWalters took note of his late application for an appeal – which should be filed within 28 days from the date of the ruling.

Zheng denied that the late submission was his own fault.

“I completed the application form and passed it to my welfare officer before the deadline.

“My welfare officer didn’t file it [before the deadline],” Zheng said.

He said his welfare officer had told him that it “did not matter” even though the application was filed late.

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When asked why he found his jail term excessive, Zheng said: “I wasn’t involved in any use of force during the incident.”

The man was a member of the gang which abducted Queenie Rosita Law in April 2015.

He pleaded guilty in June to kidnapping the young woman for a HK$28 million ransom.

Law was snatched from her Sai Kung mansion and taken blindfolded to a remote hillside cave where she was held for four days.

During Zheng’s trial, prosecutors showed that he received HK$3,000 for delivering food and buying mobile phones for the rest of the gang.

Law, the granddaughter of Bossini founder Law Ting-pong, was released after the ransom money was paid. Police then launched a massive manhunt across the city.

Zheng was arrested in May, 2015, as he tried to leave Hong Kong for Shenzhen at the Lo Wu immigration checkpoint. Despite his claims of having no knowledge of the kidnapping, his fingerprints were found on the ransom money. Nine other members of the gang were tried in Shenzhen.

On Wednesday, McWalters and Mr Justice Jeremy Poon Shiu-chor refused Zheng’s application after considering his grounds for appeal.

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The judges will hand down their reasons for judgment at a later date.

The gang’s ringleader, You Dunkui was jailed for 15 years by the Shenzhen Intermediate Court in July and fined 100,000 yuan.

The other three kidnappers – Wang Yukun, Wang Libo and Xiong Denghui – were each jailed for 13 years and fined 80,000 yuan, 60,000 yuan and 40,000 yuan ­respectively.

Zhang Aojian and Mao Xiaobing, also charged with kidnapping, were jailed for 10 years and fined 20,000 yuan each.

Liang Qishun was jailed for three years and fined 100,000 yuan for covering up illegal ­proceeds.

Dai Xunhui was jailed for one year and 10 months and fined 10,000 yuan for covering up illegal proceeds.

Another man, identified only by his surname Jiang, was sentenced to two years and three months by a different Shenzhen court for ­arranging the gang’s illicit cross-border movement.