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Pro-Beijing Hong Kong campaigner falls out with pro-police group she claimed to have founded

Alliance in Support of Our Police Force says it has issued legal letter accusing Leticia Lee of organising events in its name and using its logo without permission

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 25 February, 2017, 5:07pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 25 February, 2017, 9:02pm

Pro-Beijing campaigner Leticia Lee See-yin has fallen out with a pro-police group that she claimed to have founded, with the group saying it has issued a legal letter to Lee for organising events in the name of the group and infringing its logo.

In a statement issued on Friday, the Alliance in Support of Our Police Force said it had repeatedly stated that Lee used its logo to organise events without its permission.

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“Lee See-yin still paid no respect to the law and infringed [our] rights at will, while trying to cover up her lawless behaviour by making false statements,” a group spokesman said.

Lee has been promoting a pro-police signature campaign in support of the seven officers convicted for beating up pro-democracy activist Ken Tsang kin-chiu during the 2014 Occupy protests.

The seven were sentenced to two years in prison.

A group logo is seen on a poster about the event on Lee’s Facebook page.

“Petition our Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying against the prison sentences for our seven police officers!” the poster reads. “This is the crucial moment for him to pardon the seven officers from jail!”

The poster also showed daily follow-up events until next Sunday and stated that the campaign would not accept donations.

The poster indicates the organisers are the alliance and a group called Founders and Veterans of The Hong Kong Junior Police Officers’ Association.

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In a statement, the Junior Police Officers’ Association – one of the force staff associations – said it did not have anything to do with the group shown on the poster.

In its previous statements, the alliance lashed out at Lee for starting a fundraising campaign for the seven officers and said Lee had no links with the group.

The group called on donors to call the police if they felt they had become victims of a fraud.

But Lee fired back, saying she founded the alliance and that it was the other group that had been faking the organisation. She said she had commissioned the Tai, Tang and Chong law firm to handle all donations collected by the group.

In March last year, Lee was expelled by a pro-government political party, the Justice Alliance, amid a financial dispute in which she was accused of taking HK$1 million from the alliance and some members.