German tourist allegedly drugged and raped in Hong Kong ‘was tired by astral travel’

Health consultant says she tried to help him achieve psychic communications before they massaged each other and had consensual sex

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 17 May, 2017, 8:18pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 17 May, 2017, 10:25pm

A health consultant accused of raping a German tourist after lacing her drink told a Hong Kong court on Wednesday how she had taken over his therapy session and performed “astral travel”.

The woman testified earlier in the High Court that she became confused and passed out after downing a “fruit smoothie” that Man Yiu-fai offered her in his Mong Kok office in May 2015.

But taking the witness box for the first time, Man said Y – as she was referred to in court for legal reasons – became tired as her soul travelled out of her body as she tried to help him achieve psychic communications.

“She was totally exhausted,” he told the jury, and said he was meant to have been treating her for a bad back.

He said Y later consented to sexual intercourse, which he filmed.

She … asked me whether I detected any sense of my soul coming out of my body
Man Yiu-fai, defendant

Man, 43, denies two counts of administering drugs to obtain or facilitate an unlawful sexual act, one of indecent assault in December 2014 and one of rape in May 2015 on Y, 23, and another victim, X, 22.

Prosecutors allege that Flunitrazepam – what they dubbed “a date-rape drug” – was given to both women.

The court heard earlier that Y, who regularly visited Hong Kong to see her boyfriend, was introduced to the defendant through a friend after complaining of back pain.

Man said his friend Anna had told her Y had “extraordinary power” to see things like electromagnetic fields.

When they met on May 31, he said, both he and Y took ayahuasca, a drink they had discussed on Facebook previously and said to enable people to connect with another dimension.

Hong Kong health consultant denies giving date-rape drug to German visitor, court hears

He said Y then proceeded to “open his third eye” – their term for physic communications – by asking him to meditate to purify his thoughts.

She placed one hand on his forehead and the other on his stomach after he lowered his trousers, the court heard. The woman allegedly asked Man to take off his top at one point when the energy transmission was affected.

“She … asked me whether I detected any sense of my soul coming out of my body,” he said, to which he replied “no”. “She said she herself felt it,” he added.

He recalled being embarrassed because of his “physical reaction” as her hand circled his body. He then massaged her, with only her underpants on, as she complained of being exhausted. Consensual sex followed, Man claimed.

Y was still chatting, laughing and holding his hand when she left, he said.

The tourist testified earlier that she passed out after drinking the smoothie and woke to find Man making his move on her. She conceded she had touched his abdomen while his trousers were lowered to perform reiki, a Japanese relaxing massage technique.

On Wednesday, Man also claimed he was beaten by police and threatened into making admissions during the investigation.

The case continues on Thursday before Deputy High Court Judge Mr Justice Michael Stuart-Moore.