Docker buys Mercedes, four Rolexes and spends month in luxury hotel after cheating sisters he met on dating site

Man conned ‘simple and unwordly’ sisters into believing he was a highly paid interior designer

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 18 May, 2017, 7:35pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 18 May, 2017, 9:16pm

A married dock worker was found guilty on Thursday of cheating HK$3.67 million out of two “simple and unworldly” sisters who fell for his claim that he was a highly paid interior designer after they met through an online dating platform.

The younger sister, Sin Lai-shan, 26, recalled during the trial that Chu Tak-fai, 35, told her he needed cash to replenish stolen company funds and help her make lucrative investments after they started dating last year.

But the District Court found they were all false claims to trick the sisters into making payments for his benefit as he later spent the money on paying off his loans, buying a new Mercedes Benz, four Rolex watches, three Louis Vuitton bags and a pair of Cartier rings and securing a month’s stay at a luxury boutique hotel.

Chu was convicted on all five counts of fraud, which he had denied.

Judge Johnny Chan Jong-herng said he observed that both women appeared to be “simple and unworldly” when they testified during the trial. “It was not surprising that they fell for his claims.”

The judge also noted that Chu must have been aware that the women would believe him because of their personalities and inexperience.

Chu had eight prior convictions, all but one involving dishonesty.

He admitted to police upon his arrest last July that he cheated Sin Lai-shan out of money. “There are only hundreds of thousands left,” he was reported as saying

But his lawyers claimed during the trial that his confession was made involuntarily, suggesting that officers had threatened to arrest his wife and mother if he did not cooperate and tell the police version of the story.

That was rejected by the judge, who concluded that Chu was not a trustworthy or reliable witness.

Sentencing is set for May 31.