Showbiz icon Liza Wang says cultural matters ‘not a forte’ of Hong Kong home affairs minister

Actress suggests undersecretary Florence Hui Hiu-fai as better suited for role

PUBLISHED : Monday, 03 April, 2017, 1:17pm
UPDATED : Monday, 03 April, 2017, 10:59pm

Home affairs chief Lau Kong-wah should go back to handling political matters and let his deputy oversee cultural policies, a Hong Kong showbiz icon said on Monday.

Liza Wang Ming-chun, 69, a member of the 1,194-member Election Committee that chose Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor as the city’s next chief executive, said cultural affairs were “not a forte” of Lau’s.

She also said the city needed a culture bureau so that related issues would be prioritised.

On a Commercial Radio programme Monday, Wang was asked if Florence Hui Hiu-fai, undersecretary to Lau, should be appointed as a minister in Lam’s administration.

“She is a capable person with a friendly attitude. If she is to become [a new minister], she should perform well,” the actress replied.

She is a capable person with a friendly attitude ... she should perform well
Liza Wang Ming-chun, on Florence Hui Hiu-fai

“She has matured and she always makes it a point to attend events for which she has been invited. She would be there till the end and not just leave after taking photos at the start.”

By contrast, Wang said it might be best to put Lau back in charge of political affairs. Before his appointment as secretary for home affairs, Lau was a lawmaker and the undersecretary for constitutional and mainland affairs.

“[Cultural issues] are not his forte,” Wang said of Lau. “He is familiar with political issues. He had so much contact with political parties, so he should be able to communicate with them.”

Wang supported the establishment of a culture bureau, as suggested in Lam’s election manifesto, and added the Home Affairs Bureau already had many responsibilities to shoulder, including market policies.

“[Carrie Lam] is facing a lot of problems. She is a capable person and the public and political parties have hopes and expectations of her,” Wang said.

“She wants to do her job well. But in the face of so many tasks, she must tackle the easy ones first before proceeding to the difficult ones.”

Wang also commented on calls for pro-Occupy celebrities, such as Denise Ho Wan-see , to be banned from entering the mainland market.

She said the central government saw things differently from Hongkongers, but was confident local artists facing such a ban because of their political actions would be gradually allowed back into the vast market.

Wang has been a household name in Hong Kong for almost half a century for her towering presence in television and Cantonese opera.