Carrie Lam

New Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam tours city, visiting relocated villagers and elderly in public housing

New chief executive said the locations for her visits were ‘inspirational and had a special meaning’ to her ­future governance

PUBLISHED : Monday, 03 July, 2017, 12:04am
UPDATED : Monday, 03 July, 2017, 12:04am

When 84-year-old Chan Yuet-nin was preparing to go out for lunch with her son around noon Sunday, she was stopped by some strangers who placed chairs in her home and told her she would soon have a guest.

Chan, who lives alone in her Hung Hom public flat, only realisedthe guest she was expecting was the city’s new chief executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor the moment she showed up at the door – four hours later.

During a visit that lasted less than 10 minutes, Lam asked about Chan’s life and what she wished for from the new ­administration.

“I told hershe should listen to the Hong Kong people even if some words sounded mean,” Chan said, adding Lam was very patient.

Chan was one of many Hongkongers surprised by the visit of Lam, who went to households in three districts on her second day as the city’s top official.

Lam said thelocations she chose were “inspirational” and had “special meaning” to her ­future governance.

She first travelled to the new site of Chuk Yuen villagers in the New Territories, who were ­relocated to make a way for the construction of the city’s seventh border crossing to Shenzhen.

“We will develop more land in the New Territories to build ­houses in the future.

The economic interests of some villagers will inevitably be affected ... But if everyone refused to move, the overall development of Hong Kong would be affected,” Lam said, adding the relocation of the village was a good example.

Lam then paid a visit to two ­retired elderly people in a public housing estate in Hung Hom, including Chan, to hear from them about living ­conditions.

She ended her day by visiting two residents in Sheung Wan ­under the Light Home Scheme – a social enterprise project that rents apartments to the less privileged at an affordable price.

Lam met a single mother who had regained her confidence and started work again after ­joining the scheme.

But while in Sheung Wan, Lam encountered several protesters from environmental groups, who demanded a better conservation plan for Wing Lee Street. Lam ­accepted their petition letter in person.

On the same day, she also ­revealed the pink cheongsam she wore for her inauguration was the only new dress she has worn over the past three days.

In a video uploaded to the chief executive’s new official ­Facebook page, Lam, who was seen in numerous outfits during President Xi Jinping’s visit from Thursday to Saturday, explained most cheongsams she wore were purchased long ago.

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But for Saturday’s inauguration ceremony, the pink cheongsam and long white jacket she wore were specifically tailor made for the occasion.

“I want to promote design from Hong Kong. My outfit was made by a renowned local fashion designer,” said Lam in the video, without revealing the name of the designer.

She also spoke about her love for cheongsam: “As the first ­female chief executive, I want to display the features of oriental women.”