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Would Hongkongers vote to return to a British overseas territory, given the option?

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 12 March, 2013, 12:55pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 14 March, 2013, 4:53pm


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the sun also rises
it shows that how disappointed many Hongkongers are. First we had the incapable.C.H.Tung whose ambition was big enough yet he couldn't materialize them ! Then we had the over-greedy Sir Donald Tsang who was highly experienced yet was too keen on enjoying tycoon-typed lifestyle..Now we have this hidden Chinese communist,Leung Chun-ying---a well-known liar and crook who is only excellent in his so-called language faked skills.No doubt, more and more Hongkongers miss the past colonial rule.
Only the diffence is, in the past colonial rule, you knew nothing about your governeur and their escapades, flaws and money laundry, and it was forbidden to write about him in "negative" state. Furthermore, you were cut off of all politics concerning HK. That was the difference.
怀念殖民统治? 是不是 香港人习惯过去比国内富裕20多倍, 的虚荣感,? 现在中国经济上去啦, 香港人, 没有所谓的优越感, 就沉醉过去当亡国奴 赚取 中国对外出口唯一窗口的 好处?
上海时代即将来临, 珠三角, 长三角, 成为中华民族复兴的旗舰, 香港人? 继续发春秋大梦, 不团结国内, 还扯独立? 等着瞧, 真理是掌握在大炮的射程内!
Oh sorry 89640250, I can't read your deformity simplified Chinese. I must thank your country for it.
it is ridiculously funny to see how arrogant some of these mainlanders like you are! there's a chance that all your "hong konger" friends having the same mentality as you suggested, but none of the people I know are "jealous" of the mainlanders. we have nothing against mainlanders. however we cannot stand those who are arrogant, obnoxious and especially the ones who impact our lives negatively.
What a stupid poll.
Why try to set people against one another. The SCMP has been a poor paper for many years, this 'vote' is merely dragging your into the gutter with the with rubbish publications like the SUN in UK & the Apple in HK.
Hong Kong is facing a challenging time and everyone who is living in Hong Kong should pull together and not be fractious which will serve no one other than those at the political extremes.
HK was never free and never had democracy. Why wanting the Brit. colonial lords back? To be treated as second class citizen again? If the Brits were that nice, why didn't they give HK in all this 150 years colonial rule, "freedom, democracy and voting rights"?
想当年10多年前, 中央建议香港 双非产下的孩子不给予永久居留权,防止国内部分人利用制度漏洞, 谁知道当时香港人居然上街游行, 自称人权, 司法自由, 拒绝中央政府的建议, 还宣称是民主的胜利~~
10多年后, 双非孕妇的孩子 永久居留权, 越演越烈, 现在的香港人 嘴脸又变了, 居然炮轰大陆系蝗虫,, 当初是谁不接受中央政府的建议, 好心D香港人做野 就5好一套又一套, 宜家全国13亿人 都见证香港人系喂5饱咖孙子~ 宜家还想卖祖宗~ 一国两制 要及时结束~ 费事浪费国家资源输送利益比反骨仔~