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Would Hongkongers vote to return to a British overseas territory, given the option?

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 12 March, 2013, 12:55pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 14 March, 2013, 4:53pm


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There are already over 600,000 HK people (mainly middle-class and well-educated HK Chinese)having foreign passports (excluding BNO Passports) of western countries like Canada and UK. In addition to foreigners with HKID Cards, these HK Chinese with foresign Passports are also those who are likely the readers of the SCMP. This poll is thus unrepresentative and biased.
HK is a place leased to britain by China 150 yrs ago. Now it has returned to China. The places includes hk island, kowloon and NT. What about the people living here? Well if they are british, return to britain. If they are chinese, they could stay and behave properly as chinese. For other ethnicities living here, they should be given the option of staying or leaving.
The problem here is created by britain when it dumped 99.99% HKers indiscrimately back to communist China. So blame britain, not China.
Hello? Did you go to school? Did you study history? Hong Kong Island and Kowloon were NOT leased. They were CEDED. New Territories was leased.
?? Hong Kong Island was not leased.
Unless you haven't noticed - the majority of real Chinese Hong Kong people do not read the SCMP, and hence this is a leftover gweilo's "poll" .
You are right, except you are referring to the real Chinese people IN Hong Kong, not Chinese Hong Kong people. The educated ones read SCMP so this is a poll that took in the opinions of those individual instead of those lowlife trash that are beginning to overwhelm the city.
Why not? Hong Kong's system was built on principles of common law, good governance and a competant civil service. Although the Governor was appointed in the UK, he acted in the colony's interests. The future was clear, stable and Hong Kong citizens were involved in the government, including the armed forces. Millions came to Hong Kong as refugess and they eventually thrived. The current system is unsustainable-The consitution is finite, private property laws have end dates and the PLA is an occupying Army.
that's your personal view but has nothing to do with facts.
The fact is that Hong Kong is sacrificed just because Reagan that ***king d-khead wanted to pull China into his anti-Soviet business. Your father's toys are made in Hong Kong back in the days, those officers are doing their job well back in the days-Hong Kong depends on British's XP a lot
Hottub Cowboy
You guys are fools. The Brits treated you guys like garbage yet you want them back.
To the people who think they are Hk People not Chinese...take a close look at your mug in the mirror. You look as Chinese as the people from across the border.