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Would Hongkongers vote to return to a British overseas territory, given the option?

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 12 March, 2013, 12:55pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 14 March, 2013, 4:53pm

  • Yes 90
  • No 10
  • Yes
  • No

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Hong Kong was robbed and many Chinese were killed. Remember?
you guys really have no clue. 99.99% of Falklanders are WHITE english people. how many white english people in Hong Kong? pls be real....
Just wanna return to a reasonable territory. The current territory we returned is too crazy!
PRC locust get rid of us quickly, please!
HK **** get rid of you quickly, please!
Sign the Petiton: UK Gov should help Hongkong out of its situation
Of course British! I hate PRC!
Of course, vote to be British subjects again. We were so free, we could travel around the world because the British gave us full citizenship, we could vote our own Governor, we had voting rights, we had our own parliament, we were involved in the local politics concerning HK. All the high ranking officials were HK Chinese. We were taught in having a own mind and know how to understand the society and politics. No mind control at all. We were not bullied by the foreigners and were not citizen second class.
A Hong Konger
Camel: Sarcasm? Really? If you swap "British" for "Chinese" and change everything to the present tense your sarcasm would be right. Ironically some is incorrect for before 97. We did vote for LEGCO between 92-97, and, yes, most high ranking officials before 97 were HK Chinese, there were (and still are) HK Indians and HK British also. I don't recall being 'bullied' by foriegners or 'mind control' before 97. However we are bullied by foriegners (mainlanders) now and we just defeated 'patriotic' education!
If I look on the streets of HK, I just can see HKners bullying Mainlanders and discriminate them. They come here to have a good time and spend money but you out of jealousy because they have more than you, hate them for it. And now you just try hard to find some sounded reasons for it. How pathetic.