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  • Dec 23, 2014
  • Updated: 11:35am
Six killed as runaway truck ploughs through Christmas shoppers in Glasgow

Six people were killed and eight others injured in Glasgow, Scotland, when a garbage truck ploughed into crowds of Christmas shoppers in what appeared to be a tragic accident.

Updated 23 Dec 2014 - 11:27am
North Korea suffers internet meltdown, and Washington won't say if it is to blame

North Korea has experienced sweeping and progressively worse Internet outages, with one computer expert saying the country’s online access is “totally down.”

The White House and the State...

23 Dec 2014 - 11:14am
North Korea suffers internet meltdown, and Washington won't say if it is to blame

Legendary singer Joe Cocker, whose intense, gritty voice won him wide acclaim that spanned both rock and blues, has died of lung cancer at age 70, his agent said.

23 Dec 2014 - 11:02am
North Korea suffers internet meltdown, and Washington won't say if it is to blame

Thousands of Spaniards including humble restaurant workers and care home residents celebrated wins in the world’s biggest lottery draw, scooping up shares in over 2.2 billion euros (HK$20.8billion...

23 Dec 2014 - 11:08am
North Korea suffers internet meltdown, and Washington won't say if it is to blame

As the New York Police Department mourns two of its own, Mayor Bill de Blasio pleaded for a pause in protests and rancour amid a widening rift with those in a grieving force who accuse him of...

Updated 23 Dec 2014 - 11:24am
Pope Francis hits out at Vatican's 'spiritual Alzheimer's' in controversial speech

Pope Francis lambasted the Vatican's bureaucracy, saying some within the Church lusted for power and suffered from "spiritual Alzheimer's" in comments likely to outrage his adversaries.

23 Dec 2014 - 6:08am

Even on land, the Ghost looks futuristic and fast. Sadly, Ghost is all revved up with no place to go.

23 Dec 2014 - 6:08am


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A five-year-old boy and his seven-year-old brother were both in a stable condition at an Australian hospital after surviving with their father for 10 days, lost in a remote national park, before a...

23 Dec 2014 - 6:08am

Veteran anti-Islamist politician Beji Caid Essebsi was declared the winner of Tunisia's first free presidential election, capping off the transition to democracy in the birthplace of the Arab...

23 Dec 2014 - 6:08am

US civil rights leaders have condemned the ambush killings of two New York police officers and expressed fear that the backlash over the bloodshed could derail the protest movement that has grown...

Updated 23 Dec 2014 - 11:07am

A Frenchman who ploughed into pedestrians shouting “Allahu Akbar” had been to psychiatric hospital 157 times and had no known links to jihadist groups, a prosecutor said yesterday, easing concerns...

23 Dec 2014 - 1:20am

An orangutan held in an Argentine zoo can be freed and transferred to a sanctuary after a court recognised the ape as a "non-human person" unlawfully deprived of its freedom, local media reported...

23 Dec 2014 - 6:08am

President Barack Obama says the United States is reviewing whether to put North Korea back on its list of state sponsors of terrorism as Washington decides how to respond to what he calls an “act...

22 Dec 2014 - 3:43pm

The gunman was black, the officers were Asian and Hispanic - a perplexing fact for investigators looking for answers to why Ismaaiyl Brinsley would shoot dead New York police officers Liu Wenjin...

22 Dec 2014 - 1:19am

There is little to break the monotony of communist-era apartment blocks stretching across Marzahn-Hellersdorf, an east Berlin satellite district that has gained national notoriety for a spate of...

21 Dec 2014 - 9:42pm

An Egyptian court on Sunday tried 26 men for alleged debauchery after accusing them of homosexual activity at a Cairo public bathhouse in a case that sparked international condemnation.

22 Dec 2014 - 1:32pm

Deep recession, skyrocketing prices and a fragile banking system: although the rouble seems to have stabilised after its abysmal drop this past week, Russia still faces the heavy consequences of...

21 Dec 2014 - 10:10pm

Michelin-star food and vintage champagne: Airlines are pulling out all the stops to cater to their first-class passengers' tastes, as they seek a larger slice of the highly profitable market.

21 Dec 2014 - 9:51pm

The worst Ebola outbreak on record has now killed more than 7,000 people, with many of the latest deaths reported in Sierra Leone, the World Health Organisation said.

22 Dec 2014 - 6:19am

A police "assassin" boasted on Instagram "I'm putting wings on pigs today" before shooting dead two New York City police officers in a shocking daylight attack to avenge the police chokehold death...

22 Dec 2014 - 12:59pm

Iraqi Kurdish fighters took part of the contested northern Iraqi town of Sinjar, where they freed hundreds of Yazidis trapped there for months by Islamic State (IS) fighters.

22 Dec 2014 - 11:27am

The United States has asked China to help block cyberattacks from North Korea as it considers its response to the hack of Sony Pictures, a US official said on Saturday.

21 Dec 2014 - 2:47pm

An Australian mother has been charged with the murder of eight children, seven of them her own, two days after their bodies were found in a home in the city of Cairns.

21 Dec 2014 - 1:59pm

A gunman ambushed and fatally shot two New York City police officers on Saturday and then killed himself, police said, and a social media post indicated it may have been in revenge for the police...

21 Dec 2014 - 12:17pm

Savvy Seattle-area real estate agents have gained an advantage by paying attention to the growing connections between China and Washington state.

21 Dec 2014 - 8:02am

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Sunday accused the European Union of starting a “dirty campaign” against his country by criticising the arrests of opponents of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

21 Dec 2014 - 9:47pm

Two of the Republican Party's top White House hopefuls have clashed sharply over US President Barack Obama's new Cuba policy.

21 Dec 2014 - 6:13am


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