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  • Oct 26, 2014
  • Updated: 12:36pm

“Miss! We made it breathe out fire!” exclaimed 10-year-old Joe, pointing at the laptop on his desk, where he has programmed his animated dragon to belch flames into the face of the Greek hero...

26 Oct 2014 - 11:50am

An American nurse has published a scathing account of her treatment after being put in isolation in the US following a stint caring for Ebola patients in West Africa.

26 Oct 2014 - 11:45am

War-weary Ukrainians vote Sunday for a powerful new parliament in which a likely alliance of pro-Western and nationalist forces will confirm the ex-Soviet country’s historic but bloody break from...

26 Oct 2014 - 9:45am

The federal government is recognising gay marriage in six more states and extending federal benefits to those couples, Attorney General Eric Holder announced Saturday.

Gay marriage recently...

26 Oct 2014 - 9:18am

News of New York's first case of Ebola fever was met with worry and even anger, but for the city of eight million residents, seasoned by everything from terror attacks to superstorms, there was...

26 Oct 2014 - 7:21am

A student walked into his Seattle-area high school cafeteria on Friday and without saying a word opened fire, killing one person and shooting several others in the head before turning the gun on...

26 Oct 2014 - 6:38am

A state of emergency came into force yesterday across parts of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula as the military pounded suspected jihadists after 30 soldiers were killed in a suicide car bombing.

26 Oct 2014 - 7:55am


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The scion of Pakistan's leading political dynasty, emerging from the shadow of his mother, former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, seven years after she was assassinated, has vowed to resurrect her...

26 Oct 2014 - 7:20am

A medical worker quarantined in the US state of New Jersey after returning from treating Ebola victims in West Africa was being evaluated in a hospital isolation ward after new contagion-control...

26 Oct 2014 - 7:05am

A two-year-old girl who was Mali’s first case of Ebola died on Friday, shortly after the World Health Organisation warned that many people had potentially been exposed to the virus because she was...

26 Oct 2014 - 6:47am

A 26-year-old Iranian woman convicted of murdering a man she accused of trying to rape her as a teenager was hanged, the official news agency IRNA said, despite international pleas for her life to...

26 Oct 2014 - 7:20am

A hatchet attack on New York police officers was a "terrorist act" carried out by a self-radicalised Muslim convert who had been in the military and browsed al-Qaeda websites, police said.

26 Oct 2014 - 7:20am

British musician Jack Bruce, best known as the bassist from the 1960s group Cream, has died. He was 71.

26 Oct 2014 - 7:20am

Italy's highest court has acquitted Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana of tax evasion in a case that created such public acrimony that the designers closed their Milan stores in protest for...

26 Oct 2014 - 7:15am

In a vivid display of fury at European Union technocrats, British Prime Minister David Cameron refused to pay a surprise 2.1-billion-euro bill on Friday as EU leaders ordered an urgent review of...

25 Oct 2014 - 4:06pm

European Union leaders have struck a deal on a new target to cut carbon emissions by 2030, calling it a new global standard but leaving critics warning compromises have undermined the battle...

25 Oct 2014 - 5:25am

Iraqi forces are months away from waging a sustained ground offensive against Islamic State - and any similar effort in Syria will take longer, US military officials have revealed.

25 Oct 2014 - 4:41am

If you were looking for another reason to indulge in dark chocolate, a so-called natural health website recently offered one: It claimed the tasty treat can alleviate the excruciating symptoms of...

25 Oct 2014 - 5:05am

Russian President Vladimir Putin has lashed out at the US accusing the country of endangering global security by imposing a "unilateral diktat" on the rest of the world.

25 Oct 2014 - 4:44am

Dishing out advice to pop star Beyonce and chatting about reality TV, Dilma Rousseff's flippant online alter-ego is worlds apart from the Brazilian president's image as a stern task-master.

25 Oct 2014 - 4:22am

Canadian authorities try to piece together the motivation for a Muslim drug addict to launch an attack on the nation's parliament in Ottawa.

25 Oct 2014 - 4:49am

While they may not have officially been designated as jihadists, two suspected extremists who killed Canadian soldiers in shooting and driving rampages followed instructions issued by al-Qaeda and...

25 Oct 2014 - 4:22am

Earlier this month Eric Betzig shared the Nobel Prize in chemistry for his work on high-resolution microscopes - specifically the one he designed and built on a friend's living room floor.

25 Oct 2014 - 4:44am

Facebook has released an application that lets people create virtual "rooms" to chat about whatever they wish using any name they would like.

25 Oct 2014 - 4:25am

New York police shot and killed a hatchet-wielding man on Thursday after he suddenly attacked a group of officers without warning in broad daylight on a busy commercial district in Queens.

25 Oct 2014 - 4:10am

Five-year-old British brain tumour patient Ashya King is feeling better after 30 sessions of proton therapy in Prague and is heading back to Spain.

25 Oct 2014 - 5:28am

Six people have sealed themselves inside a white vinyl dome in Hawaii to embark on an eight-month test of how their mental health might fare during a mission to Mars.

24 Oct 2014 - 10:25pm


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