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  • Wed
  • Jan 28, 2015
  • Updated: 12:49am
Travel bans lifted after blizzards shut down New York, US northeast

Blanket driving bans were lifted and limited New York public transport was to reopen on Tuesday after a night of snowfall that dumped up to 60 centimetres in some areas.

27 Jan 2015 - 10:15pm
Gunmen storm luxury hotel in Libyan capital, eight dead

Gunmen stormed a luxury hotel in Tripoli on Tuesday, killing at least five foreigners and three local guards, Libyan officials said.

27 Jan 2015 - 9:31pm
Gunmen storm luxury hotel in Libyan capital, eight dead

President Cristina Fernandez plans to disband Argentina’s intelligence agency amid suspicions that rogue agents were behind the mysterious death of a state prosecutor investigating the 1994...

27 Jan 2015 - 7:02pm
Gunmen storm luxury hotel in Libyan capital, eight dead

Facebook and its Instagram photo-sharing site, suffered temporary outages around the world for up to an hour on Tuesday and the company said later that an internal software networking error was to...

27 Jan 2015 - 6:44pm
Gunmen storm luxury hotel in Libyan capital, eight dead

A bullet hit the fuselage of a FlyDubai airliner on its descent into Baghdad, prompting a suspension of flights by UAE carriers to the Iraqi capital on Tuesday.

27 Jan 2015 - 6:54pm
Woman flying from Hong Kong to Vancouver becomes first human bird flu case in North America

North America’s first case of bird flu in humans has been identified in a Vancouver-area woman who returned to the city on a flight from Hong Kong this month.

27 Jan 2015 - 5:06pm

Eight French and two Greek military personnel died when a Greek fighter jet crashed on takeoff at a military base in Spain housing a Nato training centre for elite pilots.

27 Jan 2015 - 6:45pm


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A Florida woman allegedly drowned a two-week-old puppy in a US airport toilet because she was not allowed to board a flight with the pet.

27 Jan 2015 - 3:42pm

A mother is facing murder charges for allegedly poisoning her five-year-old son with salt and documenting his decline on social media.

27 Jan 2015 - 12:35pm

Tsipras was sworn in as prime minister on Monday, a day after his sweeping election victory, in a brief and sober ceremony at the office of President Karolos Papoulias.

27 Jan 2015 - 10:48am

Prominent Toronto lawyer Tim Leahy, who organised a failed lawsuit by a mostly-Chinese group of millionaires dumped from Canada’s immigration queue last year, has been disbarred by Ontario’s law...

26 Jan 2015 - 1:26pm

The US northeast braced for a monster winter storm yesterday, with residents snapping up supplies ahead of what New York City's mayor warned could be a blizzard "the likes of which we've never...

27 Jan 2015 - 12:18pm

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott marked his country's national day yesterday by honouring Britain's Prince Philip with a knighthood, sparking criticism from his political opposition of being...

27 Jan 2015 - 3:42am

Out for dinner on an overseas business trip thousands of kilometres from her home in Britain, Isobel answered her mobile expecting to speak to her children.

27 Jan 2015 - 3:42am

The spectre of Neo-Nazism is no longer haunting Greece. It looks like it is here to stay.

27 Jan 2015 - 4:18am

A hoax caller pretending to be Britain’s electronic espionage chief was put through to Prime Minister David Cameron, prompting a review of security procedures, a government spokeswoman said.

26 Jan 2015 - 11:24am

It has become known in Israel as "Survivors' Street" - a small road in Haifa where about 100 Holocaust survivors are living out their last days side-by-side, keeping alive the haunting memories of...

27 Jan 2015 - 3:47am

There are few people alive today who can recall the ominous grin of the notorious "Angel of Death", Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. Marta Wise is one of them.

27 Jan 2015 - 3:42am

Images of a slain protester, blood running down her face as her body was lifted from the ground, have touched off powerful criticism of Egypt’s government on the anniversary of the revolution.

26 Jan 2015 - 4:06pm

Two influential US senators are calling on President Barack Obama to send more US special operations forces to hotspots around the Middle East.

27 Jan 2015 - 3:42am

Dark comedy Birdman boosted its Oscars hopes after landing the top prize at the 21st Screen Actors Guild Awards, a barometer of likely success at the all-important Academy Awards.

27 Jan 2015 - 3:42am

"Teen" is the most searched term in online pornography, and thousands of young people enter the amateur porn industry every day, lured by promises of quick money and hopes for fame.

27 Jan 2015 - 3:48am

Actress Angelina Jolie, the special envoy for the United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR, has appealed for urgent funding to assist more than three million displaced Iraqis and Syrians living in...

26 Jan 2015 - 11:18am

A reporter who broke the story that an Argentine prosecutor was found dead shortly before he was about to make explosive allegations about President Cristina Kirchner has fled Argentina after...

26 Jan 2015 - 7:56pm

The 21-year-old foreign student was believed to be driving at 100km/h with at least two other cars before crashing near an overpass barrier.

26 Jan 2015 - 8:58pm

Miss Colombia Paulina Vega has been crowned Miss Universe, beating out contestants from 87 other countries.

26 Jan 2015 - 2:05pm

A radical left-wing party vowing to end Greece’s painful austerity programme won a historic victory in yesterday’s parliamentary elections, setting up a showdown with the country’s international...

26 Jan 2015 - 4:15pm

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