Le Point magazine to be sued over racist article on Chinese

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 12 December, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 12 December, 2012, 4:57am


A French anti-racism group said it was suing leading magazine Le Point for slurring the country's ethnic Chinese community as stingy money-obsessed workaholics.

SOS Racisme said on Monday that a hearing would be held on January 24. The legal action was taken jointly with the AJCF, a body which represents Chinese youths living in France.

An article published on August 23 and entitled "The Devious Success of the Chinese in France," was ridden with stereotypes, SOS Racisme said.

But Le Point chief Franz Olivier Giesbert defended the article as a humorous piece of writing that had been misconstrued.

A boxed text accompanying the article listed the "Five Commandments of the Chinese businessman." These included: "Thou shalt work 80 hours a week", "Thou shalt sleep in thy shop", and "Thou shalt not pay workers."

"The article is insulting and degrading," said AJCF spokesman Rui Wang, deploring that Chinese women had been "painted as prostitutes."

SOS Racisme also said that racial slurs were cast "under the pretext of humour."

"It's always in the form of a joke but one must admit it when the joke exceeds limits," it said.

This comes after Chinese organisations staged a protest march last month in Paris over an article on the Chinese mafia that appeared in Le Parisien newspaper which they deemed derogatory.