World's best fast food found at London Boy Scout hut

London pizza shack takes the top prize and even leaves the Italians in shade with its margherita

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 30 April, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 30 April, 2013, 2:01am

A restaurant in a former Scout hut in east London serves a pizza that is the most delicious fast food item in the world, according to voters in the Chowzter Fast Feast awards.

Story Deli took the top prize as well as the pizza award for its margherita, made with organic flour, rolled thin and baked for 30 seconds.

It's like a crunchy wafer, more brittle than a traditional base and closer to a Roman pizza than the Naples style popular in the UK.

"Nobody can beat the Italians for making amazing pizzas that build on, and respect, centuries of tradition," Chowzter founder Jeffrey Merrihue said. "Story has turned the tradition on its head, creating a margherita that combines great flavours with an unusual texture."

Chowzter's rankings are based on the nominations of a team of more than 50 bloggers from around the world.

Other winners included Louis' Lunch, of New Haven, Connecticut, for best burger. The restaurant, established in 1895, bills itself as the birthplace of the hamburger sandwich.

A customer entered one day in 1900, saying he was in a hurry and wanted something he could eat on the run, according to the website.

The owner, Louis Lassen, placed ground steak trimmings between slices of toast and sent him on his way.

Louis's great grandson, Jeff, carries on the tradition. The burgers are hand-rolled from a blend of five meats and cooked in cast-iron grills dating back to 1898.

Just don't ask for ketchup - cheese, tomato, and onion are the only acceptable garnish, the website says. The burger costs US$5.25.

Hanoi, Vietnam, was named "Foodiest City" because of "the cornucopia of exotic locally sourced, freshly produced delights being available 24/7 and where the food stalls will even wheel over to you," according to a Chowzter release.

The winners were announced at a ceremony in Shoreditch, London. Story's margherita is the creation of Lee Hollingworth, 56, who uses La Macina Ligure, a creamy Genovese basil pesto.

We've had Jamie Oliver's people in and Gordon Ramsay's, asking how we make our pizzas

"We've had Jamie Oliver's people in and Gordon Ramsay's, asking how we make our pizzas," he said at Story, an unfussy venue in Bethnal Green with bare tables and walls.

All his pizzas cost £16 (HK$192). Other options include the Shoreditch Tart, which is hot and spicy.

The best pizza beat the lightly fried montanara at Pizzeria Starita, in Naples, Italy. The Chowzter prizes came on the eve of the World's 50 Best Restaurants awards in London last night.