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Edward Snowden

Britain tells airlines to keep Snowden off UK-bound flights

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 15 June, 2013, 1:21am
UPDATED : Saturday, 15 June, 2013, 8:22pm

The British government has warned airlines around the world not to allow Edward Snowden onto flights to Britain, marking the first official measure to target him even though he has yet to be charged with any crime and no warrant has been issued for his arrest.

If other countries follow Britain's example and block his entry, Snowden will have few options for seeking refuge if he is not allowed to stay in Hong Kong.

A travel alert, dated Monday on a Home Office letterhead, said carriers should deny Snowden boarding because "the individual is highly likely to be refused entry to the UK".

A British diplomat said the document was genuine and had been sent to airlines around the world. Airlines in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore also confirmed the alert had been issued.

In Hong Kong, a spokesman for Cathay Pacific said: "For privacy and security reasons, it would be inappropriate for us to discuss communications, if any, received from government agencies. It would be up to the sending agency to share the information it deems appropriate."

A Hong Kong Airport Authority spokesman said it was not aware of the advisory.

The British diplomat said such alerts were issued to carriers that fly into Britain and that any carrier flying Snowden in would be liable for a fine of £2,000 (HK$24,300). They said Snowden would probably have been deemed by the Home Office to be detrimental to the "public good".

The alert was issued by the Risk and Liaison Overseas Network, part of the UK Border Agency that has staff in several countries identified as major transit points for inadequately documented passengers.

The document had a photograph of Snowden and gave his date of birth and passport number. It said: "If this individual attempts to travel to the UK: Carriers should deny boarding." It warned that carriers may "be liable to costs relating to the individual's detention and removal" should they allow him to travel.

"Carrier alerts" are issued when the British government wants to deny entry to people who do not need visas to enter the country, or already had visas but something had happened since they were issued, said the diplomat. Sometimes convicted sex offenders are denied entry into the UK in this way.

Additional reporting by Ng Kang-chung


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These Brits, kissiing up to the Yanks again!!
Ed Snowden is not your "usual" spy. His case is quite different. His revelations did not make the United States more vulnerable, because his revelations were directed to the American people regarding a run-amuck institution, the NSA, that has violated the Constitution of the United States, by directing its spying not at external, or even internal, enemies of the United States, but at the people of the United States. The NSA operates on the assumption that every American is guilty until proven innocent. In this upside down Alice-and-Wonderland world of the NSA, the American people are all treated as suspects, and people who might warn the American people of this fact, are considered traitors, when in reality they are heroes. Left unchecked, the NSA which has 500,000 private contractors privy to every telephone conversation of every American will lead to a massive abuse. The clock is ticking on the next scandal.
hard times !
will this Snowden be foolish or idiotic enough to attempting entering Britian which is an accomplice in U.S.global monitoring network--responsible for the spying/monitoring of Europe while her big brother:the U..S herself responsible for the spying/monitoring of Latin America, north China,N.and S.Korea and japan.Our beloved Hong Kong is within the realm of Australia's monitoring which is responsible for the monitoring or spying of south China and India while New Zealand is responsible for the south-west Pacific and Canada responisble for the Arcitc region.Besides,Snowden certainly knows that Britain is a close ally of the U.S.,How can he try to enter Britain ? Certainly not ! This once-no-setting-sun Empire has declined to just a humble servant of the American Empire after 1945.Right ?
The Poms are servile when it comes to the US. They show their racist superiority colors with Asians, Africans and others.
In regard to this surveillance program the public opinion is split once again between those who respect themselves and their freedom and those who instead live in fear, look for protection and welcome the leash of their master.
It is also about a certain culture that had been slave since ancient Egypt.
Agents on payroll of the Zionists have already sold the future of our children, the future of their children, and monitor everyone for a certain plot planned by a few.
Only a new Awareness could change the Direction.
To the rich and to the poor
To the countless crying lambs and to the many blinded deer but also for those few laughing pigs while these 3 are still in great number and surrounded by wolves, one bird from above would say: "look all around and together press for one single exit before the trap is closed".
hard times !
the so-called 'carrier alerts' issued by the British Airlines to all airlines flying to the U.K. not to let Snowden enter Britain is just a laughable and idiotic act indeed ! How would a guy as smart and sensible as this anti-cyber-spying hero,Mr.Snowden choose to take a refuge in Britain as the one of 'Wikileaks' did ? Of course not ! Luckily for Mr.Snowden,Hong Kong is no longer a British colony ever since 1997 or he would probably be extradicted to America even without a request from the U.S.government as a gift from Britain.I wonder.Shame on this long-time British carrier---the British Airlines which act signifies the decline of the British Empire which has vanished after its last pearl on the crown been taken away by China in 1997 !
So, you've determined that the NSA's actions, which are supported by a Court order, are unconstitutional? When were you appointed to the Supreme Court?


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