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Edward Snowden

Snowden's father says whistle-blower may return if conditions met

PUBLISHED : Friday, 28 June, 2013, 9:48pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 29 June, 2013, 8:12am

The father of whistle-blower and former US spy agency contractor Edward Snowden said in an interview that while he has not had recent contact with him, he is reasonably confident his son would return to the United States if certain conditions were met.

Those conditions could include not detaining Snowden before trial, not subjecting him to a gag order and letting him choose the location of his trial, NBC News said on Friday.

The NBC report added that Lonnie Snowden plans to make those points in a letter to US Attorney General Eric Holder to be sent through his lawyer later on Friday. Representatives for the Justice Department could not be reached immediately for comment on the letter.

Lonnie Snowden, in part of the NBC interview that aired on the Today Show, also said he was concerned that his son, a former contractor for the National Security Agency, was being manipulated by others, including people from the anti-government secrecy group WikiLeaks.

He has betrayed his government, but I don’t believe that he’s betrayed the people of the United States
Lonnie Snowden

“I am concerned about those who surround him,” he told NBC. ” Wikileaks – if you look at past history – their focus isn’t necessarily the Constitution of the United States. It’s simply to release as much information as possible. So that alone is a concern for me.”

Edward Snowden, an American, fled the United States to Hong Kong in May, a few weeks before publication in the Guardian and the Washington Post of details he said he provided about secret US government surveillance of internet and phone traffic.

He faces espionage charges in the United States and has requested political asylum in Ecuador. He has not been seen since he arrived in Moscow on Sunday, but Russian officials said he was in a transit area at Sheremetyevo airport.

Snowden’s father said he has not had contact with his son since April, NBC reported.

“I love him. I would like to have the opportunity to communicate with him. I don’t want to put him in peril,” he said in the interview.

Lonnie Snowden said he did not think his son had committed treason, even though his son broke US laws in releasing details about the federal monitoring programs.

“He has betrayed his government, but I don’t believe that he’s betrayed the people of the United States,” he said.



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Carioca no Coracao
Snowden should return to US to face the law but allowed bail up to and no more than $5000 bond. Eric Holder should guarantee him 12 member jury trial at the federal court in San Francisco county, CA, or Multnomah County, OR, or King County, WA. (makes sense as he last lived in the 9th Circuit jurisdiction). definitely no east coast cities especially the DC tri state areas including MD, VA.
the sun also rises
Snowden should never return to the States since there won't be a fair trial awaiting him.He has already been called a traitor by former vice-president Cheney, a hawkish politician in his ailing stage.His father was pressured to call him home---which will be like a h...to him only ! The Obama administration now hates him to the interior of the bone for bringing US moral highground down to earth while exposing the hypocrisy of America in cybersurveillance /cyberspying) !
To add to what "Yes, we scan !" said. Obama even called Snowden a hacker. I absolutely do not believe there is anyway for Snowden to receive a fair trial in the USA.
yeah, this wouldn't be a surprising end if it happens. You can stand up against just about any gov't in the world and become a "hero". But if you do anything against the US gov't, sooner or later they'll get you and have their way with you. There's simply no way for anyone to win a standoff with the most powerful, hegemonic, and hypocritical authority in the world.
the sun also rises
This week's influential Chinese magazine,'Asiaweek' carries an article titled:' Airliners hit by missiles & a death trap awaiting Snowden's escape trip'In the article,the writer said that the airliner carrying Snowden via Cuba or Venezuela to Ecuador might be hit by US fighters' air-to-air missiles or surface-to-air missiles or even a drone strike (such as those used by the US Navy Seals in teaching the Philippine Navy against China these days at the seas 16 km south-west of Manila.) On Sept.1st 1983, a Korean airliner was hit by a Soviet fighter's missiles at the seas southwest of Soviet's Sakhalin Island and all the people (293) aboard were killed.It was later learnt by the media that the airliner was used by the CIA to collect Soviet intelligence.Don't forget the airliner was flying far from its original flight route which should never be close to Sakhalin. Beware, our dear Snowden.Maybe staying on Russian soil is your safest haven:You better choose to shelter yourself at a foreign embassy in Russia if possible.
He may be his father but that doesn't stop him from being a jerk...


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