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Edward Snowden

Venezuela’s President Maduro offers asylum to US fugitive Snowden

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 06 July, 2013, 8:49am
UPDATED : Saturday, 06 July, 2013, 9:30am

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Friday he had decided to offer asylum to former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, who has petitioned several countries to avoid capture by Washington.

“I have decided to offer humanitarian asylum to the young American, Edward Snowden, so that in the fatherland of (Simon) Bolivar and (Hugo) Chavez, he can come and live away from the imperial North American persecution,” Maduro told a televised parade marking Venezuela’s independence day.

Snowden is believed to be holed up in the transit area of a Moscow international airport.


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They won't need the canal with the melting of the polar caps. They can circumnavigate the North pole. Russia is already building its first warm water port in Siberia and building ships equipped to do the N. Pole route.
I like the idea of Snowden flying to Beijing, and from there maybe a Hong Kong company, supported with Chinese engineering and money, can build a 'fast track' tunnel from Beijing to Nicaragua. Dig, baby, dig!
John Adams
Go for it Ed !
I'm sure you pick up this comments correspondence on the SCMP website from your current base in Moscow airport.
The whole free world is behind you - in spirit, although maybe not in expressed word.
I was there personally whistling for you in HK at the demonstration ! :-)
The only problem is that the "free" world at govt level is still held captive to the USA, which has betrayed its idealistic beginnings.
The founding fathers would be horrified to see what a monstrous frankinstein great great great ... grandson it has given birth to.
I can never, ever condone 9/11 (nor terrorism of any kind in general). But I must ask the obvious question: what did the USA do to the Middle East to provoke such immense animosity ?
And why is the USA now so scared post 9/11 that they feel they can ride rough-shod over and bully every South American continent neighbor and every European ally ?
As a westerner who has made HK and China his adopted country for life, I am glad to be counted as a 'Chinese person at heart and soul' who supports you Ed.
China these days truly does many things right that the USA does wrong.
I do hope China grants you safe passage to Venezuela and the land of Hugo Chavaz.
hard times !
Now even the plane of Bolivia's president was not allowed to fly past France,Spain and Portugal and was forced to land in Austria where it was inspected by the security men there to make sure Snowden was not on board then it was allowed to fly to its destination---Bolivia.A humiliation to the leader of a sovereign nation ! It showed how desperate the Obama administration would like to have Snowden grabbed or gunned down by the CIAs or Team X of the NSA ! Now there are only two options for Snowden---reveal all the top secrets to Russia to exchange for a safe haven in Russia (but risking to be handed back to the US as an exchange commomdity later on) or reveal all the secrets as soon as possible so that all the world would side by him and his life or death will be meaningless to the Obama administration and by so doing,his life might be spared ! Think about it seriously,our fighter of justice and human rights !
hard times !
since Venezuela has announced that it would take the whistle-blower,Mr.Snowden now stranded in Moscow airport,the question remains:how can he arrive in Venezuela safe and sound---not intercepted by US agents or military force in any way at any places from Moscow to Venezuela.One of the safest routes might be:flying from Moscow to Beijing then a flight via Nicaragua to Venezuela.Maybe his aides and he himself have better and safer plans.
John Adams
I agree - Ed Snowden should fly east via Beijing to Venezuela
China has shown ( via HK ) that is is sympathetic to Snowden's case ( besides itself being a victim of NSA cyber-espionage)
That would give the USA-controlled western world a clear message that the East is rising and we will NOT succumb to USA bullying as in the past.
I sincerely believe that that Snowden-gate marks a watershed in East-West relations, and that the USA has completely mis-read the seriousness of the situation, thinking it could bully its way through as in the past.
The affront to Bolivia - and thereby to the whole South American Continent - was the last straw.
Water once spilled can never be put back into a broken glass.
Finally there are a couple of countries who are not afraid of standing up to the evil empire, good on you Venezuela and Nicaragua!
Shame on you EU countries, how can you even call yourself free and democratic ??? You are a bunch of pathetic, spineless wussies!!!
Especially you Norway, you awarded a convicted Chinese criminal the Nobel peace prize along with the war criminal Obama, but you couldn't be faster enough to reject Snowden's asylum application when you had the chance to show a bit of principle and decency!
John Adams
Read the history of Simon Bolivar and Hugo Chavez before you comment negatively on what Venezuela has done for Snowden.
hard times !
of course,Mr.Snowden is a hero.A people's hero who deserves to be protected by all the netizens (excluding those professional hackers of course !) in the world.It was due to his shocking and daring revelations of the top secret of the NSA of America that the public of the world realized that they have long been cyberspied by a state-owned secret agency in the name of so-called national security (actually violating the 4th Amendment of the American Constitution) and anti-terrorism !
Why is he a hero ? If he so believed what he did was right then why isnt he standing up to be counted as opposed to hiding away. Dont miss understand the reason why Venezuela did this - they did it to annoy the US. Their Human Rights record is nothing to be proud of - its getting better i grant you but they still have political prisoners and significant issues of freedom of the press..




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