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Edward Snowden

Venezuela’s President Maduro offers asylum to US fugitive Snowden

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 06 July, 2013, 8:49am
UPDATED : Saturday, 06 July, 2013, 9:30am

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Friday he had decided to offer asylum to former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, who has petitioned several countries to avoid capture by Washington.

“I have decided to offer humanitarian asylum to the young American, Edward Snowden, so that in the fatherland of (Simon) Bolivar and (Hugo) Chavez, he can come and live away from the imperial North American persecution,” Maduro told a televised parade marking Venezuela’s independence day.

Snowden is believed to be holed up in the transit area of a Moscow international airport.


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hard times !
Now even the plane of Bolivia's president was not allowed to fly past France,Spain and Portugal and was forced to land in Austria where it was inspected by the security men there to make sure Snowden was not on board then it was allowed to fly to its destination---Bolivia.A humiliation to the leader of a sovereign nation ! It showed how desperate the Obama administration would like to have Snowden grabbed or gunned down by the CIAs or Team X of the NSA ! Now there are only two options for Snowden---reveal all the top secrets to Russia to exchange for a safe haven in Russia (but risking to be handed back to the US as an exchange commomdity later on) or reveal all the secrets as soon as possible so that all the world would side by him and his life or death will be meaningless to the Obama administration and by so doing,his life might be spared ! Think about it seriously,our fighter of justice and human rights !
hard times !
either flying acoss Atlantic or Pacific
there exists the danger of being
intercepted or hit by
of the Big Brother
Now it tests the wisdom of
our whistle-blower and
his aides
which route to take
that can land him safely
in Venezuela,Bolivia
or Nicaragua
if not,he might
just accept Anna
as his wife
spy and whistle-blower
of our cyber era
Snowden, act now
time is really
running short !
may God bless you
richieskerr Put it perfect in his comment. The USA has none more harm in internationally relations than anything Snowden revealed
richieskerr Put it perfect in his comment. The USA has none more harm in internationally relations than anything Snowden revealed
hard times !
This 'KwunTongBypass' may have gone mad by the news that both Venezuela and Nicaragua would like to accept our whistle-blower ! As all know,now China is planning to dig a canal (not a tunnel of course) in Central America's Nicaragua to serve as the second canal to link the Alantic Ocean up with the Pacific Ocean. As Panama canal zone is long controlled by the US government, another canal for cargo transportation between these two great oceans is really a meaningful task ! Yet this good-for-nothing KTB--Kwun Tong Boy (who hides there as a cubicle youth while being unemployed and out of school) is now teasing such an excellent escape route for our whistle-blower.Shame on him !
They won't need the canal with the melting of the polar caps. They can circumnavigate the North pole. Russia is already building its first warm water port in Siberia and building ships equipped to do the N. Pole route.
Yeah I think he really needs this 'relationship' as his passport so that he can enter the Russian soil and only after that can he reach embassies of any of these countries to receive the asylum.



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