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Edward Snowden

Snowden does not need passport to travel, says refugee expert

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 10 July, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 10 July, 2013, 2:36am

Edward Snowden can leave Russia for Venezuela with the support of the two nations despite not having a travel document, according to a refugee expert.

Gerry Simpson, a senior refugee researcher with Human Rights Watch, said this as Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, after receiving an asylum request from Snowden, urged him to decide if he wanted to fly to Caracas.

"The Russian and Venezuelan authorities have the power to allow Snowden to leave Russia and enter Venezuela without any form of travel document," Simpson said.

Once Snowden arrives in a country that has signed the 1951 Refugee Convention - like Venezuela - and claims asylum, the authorities there cannot penalise him

"Once Snowden arrives in a country that has signed the 1951 Refugee Convention - like Venezuela - and claims asylum, the authorities there cannot penalise him."

Maduro said his government had received Snowden's asylum request letter. "He will have to decide when he flies, if he finally wants to fly here," he said.

The president's words offered hope for an end to Snowden's limbo existence in the transit area of Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport, where he arrived from Hong Kong on June 23.

Even though the US had cancelled his passport, Snowden could still leave Russia, Simpson said, saying sovereign nations had the right to act on their own.

Meanwhile, in a second video released by The Guardian, part of an interview conducted with Snowden on June 6 in Hong Kong, the analyst said the US would accuse him of aiding its enemies for leaking information about the National Security Agency.


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hard times !
yeah,this Old Hong Kong thinks that our whistle-blower should make his decision whether to go to Venezuela as soon as possible since the Russians are impatient and Venezuela is awaiting him.Once he accepts the asylum from Venezuela,he can travel there with the permissions of these two sovereign states:Russia and Venezuela,while not having a passport.The question remains how to arrive in Venezuela safe and sound------avoiding any interceptions from Uncle Sam.Plan it cautiously and skilfully and carrying it out strictly secretly--------no more exposure to the media ! A bon voyage,Snowden !
hard times !
This 'KwunTongBypass' just can't write anything on the news above or any comments posted here.Instead,he is only keen on viciously attacking other writers whose postings might bear different views from his ! How mean-spirited and nasty this guy is ! I'm sorry to say.Freedom of expression is observed here in this Comment column of our respectable SCMP.If one dislikes any postings written by others,he/she can choose not to read them or express his/hers but not keep on attacking others' ! Right ? Shame on this good-for-nothing fella !
hard times !
of course,Mr.Snowden can be regarded as a political refugee instead of a fugitive most wanted by the most powerful nation in the world.His passport was revoked for suspected espionage and leaking confidential information of the NSA plus national defence to unauthorized persons (the media).Yet with a refugee status,he just doesn't need a passport to travel provided that the country he goes to accept him.Yet even on arrival at his host country,the rest of his life maybe living in fear and threats of being suddenly arrested,kidnapped or even gunned down at an unexpected time and place or in a mysterious accident.Just wait and see.
hard times !
Nobody is a nerd like you who can never write anything sensible or constructive here in this Column ! Stop your rants and brush up your English instead ! You idiotic stupid fool to the extreme !
How many time can you guys say the same thing again, and again, and again, and again... I know - freedom of speech and expression, but you really give a wider audience the impression at there are a lot of funny people in Hong Kong -particularly when you post the same c.r.a.p using several different names. I know this is Hong Kong style, like registering to vote under several names!
hard times !
what is your so-called writing style ? May I ask ? American style ? By writing such words like,' hey man' or 'dig, baby, dig !' English is a world language and it carries different styles when used in different places. So we have American English,Oxford English, Singaporean English, Indian English and English of Hong Kong style.What is wrong with it ? You are not only poor in English language,but also lack of common sense as well but keen on blindly attacking the Chinese communists only !
It's just "Bon Voyage"! Nerd!
I agree with "silent is the night". "KwunTongBypass" you are very much a huge tool.


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