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Picture of boy urinating in Vancouver bin sparks anti-China vitriol

'Mainland Chinese' blamed after photos of young child's act in a Vancouver mall go viral on web

PUBLISHED : Friday, 30 August, 2013, 1:31pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 31 August, 2013, 10:58am

Photos of a small boy urinating into a rubbish bin in an upmarket Canadian shopping mall have sparked a debate about standards of behaviour in the Vancouver satellite city of Richmond, North America's most Chinese municipality.

Photos of the Asian boy with his pants around his knees at the Richmond Centre mall, steadied by a woman as he stands on the rim of the bin, provoked a fierce reaction after they were posted by Twitter user Brandon Beavis. The vehement response mirrors that which followed an incident in Hong Kong last month, when a Putonghua-speaking girl urinated on an MTR train.

This kind of undignified behaviour is common amongst Mainlanders
internet user

The images of the boy, aged about two or three, went viral this week and were the subject of a report on the main CBC news bulletin on Thursday night.

Internet reaction focused on the ethnicity of the child and woman - and varied according to the proclaimed ethnicity of some respondents. Some said such behaviour was typical of "Asians" or "Chinese", but the fiercest reaction came from people who identified themselves as Hongkongers or Canadian Chinese, and said they were certain the pair in the photo were mainland Chinese. There was nothing in the photos to prove this.

The responses reflect changes in the demography of Vancouver and its satellite city of Richmond, which have seen waves of Chinese migration, first from Hong Kong in the 1980s and 1990s, followed by even greater numbers of mainlanders in recent years. Richmond is now about 50 per cent Chinese by ethnicity.

"That is not how normal civilised people behave, and it is inexcusable," wrote SkinnyPupp, whose profile on the Revscene website - a car modification site popular with young Vancouver Asians - listed his hometown as Hong Kong. "This is not a 3rd world country", wrote another Revscene user.

A posting on the Vancitybuzz news website prompted "Embarrassed Chinese-Canadian" to suggest that the ethnicity of the Richmond Centre pair was obvious. "Why not go one step further and say Mainland Chinese," the user wrote.

"This kind of undignified behaviour is common amongst Mainlanders in Hong Kong. I can't have a conversation with my cousin in Hong Kong without him telling me at least once how much the Mainlanders are mucking up the city," wrote Canucks Star, a member of a fan forum for the Vancouver Canucks ice hockey team.

Some users unfamiliar with discontent over the supposed behaviour of mainlanders in Hong Kong were confused by the ferocity of the reaction.

The CBC report noted that going "diaper free" had long been practised in China and a veteran foreign correspondent said "manners … and the standard of toilets" in rural China were "very different" to those in Canada.


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Parents throw kids dirty diaper in the bin all over the world! Please forget and forgive for the innocent mistake. I saw one man peeing in Niagara falls state park garden.when i questioned him he was angry,he said urine is good for the plants!Holy cow!!
Is there any lies or exageration? If the Chinese who go abraod paid more attention it would be better for all Chinese and for the places they visit beginning with Hong Kong.
Okay I read the balance of reactions mentioned in the article, but don't you think it's a bit sensationalist to headline the article "...anti-China vitriol flows"?
The boy is a lovely Belgium boy.
baishui is a mainland chogue who rants on about colonialism because a Brit kid once pushed him to the ground and made him cry when he was trying to buy ice cream. Since then he talks to himself fantasizing about what he would do and how he would use tai chi to wreak revenge given the chance. Instead he attributes any anti-mainland comment as colonialism. baishui was probably brought up during the Cultural Revolution and thinks nothing of wiping his behind with his hand when he runs of paper. **** Mainland chogue.
ssslmcs01, oxymoron9, etc., stop looking for ways to subdivide people. There is only one race: we are all the human race. And humans are diverse. No group of people are uniform. Not all mainland Chinese behave the same way, just like not all Americans are gun-toting mass shooters. So quite trying to generalize and subdivide. Those are the tactics of a racist.
I agree with you we are one human race. And I'm not tryng to subdivide people at all. A lot of people from China, not all, impose their ideals and values on us. I studied with many students from China at local Hong Kong universities, and found many of the mainland students are not willing to listen to criticism of anything to do with China, many, not all take it personally. The difference in mentality is very great. Students in China are taught to think as a group whereas students in Hong Kong are taught to think as individuals. There are bound to be clashes of ideologies.
"Students in China are taught to think as a group whereas students in Hong Kong are taught to think as individuals."
How laughable your statement is... If Hongkongers (including the students) had just a bit more critical thinking skills (or if they could think a bit more as individuals), Hong Kong wouldn't be a sorrowful place as it is now. From my personal observation, and many may agree, mainland students outperform HK students in every respect.
Mainland bashing???
How many mainlanders bash our ideology? Or our right to express ourselves?
People in Hong Kong are thankful to live in a society that largely respects rule of law. We are also thankful to have the right to express ourselves.
As was mentioned by Bossy this isn't the toddler, it is the parent, grandparent or guardian. Don't try to justify atrocious behavior. What is wrong with the toilet/washroom? Or to quote Bossy again a diaper. If there were more people with your attitude just think about how poor public hygiene would be.



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