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Human evolution is over, says Sir David Attenborough

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 11 September, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 11 September, 2013, 9:05am

David Attenborough says he believes humans have stopped evolving physically and genetically because of birth control and abortion, but that cultural evolution is proceeding "with extraordinary swiftness".

The renowned British broadcaster and naturalist, who earlier this year described humans as "a plague on earth", also cited China's one-child policy, saying people should be persuaded against having large families.

We stopped natural selection as soon as we started being able to rear 90-95 per cent of our babies that are born. We are the only species to have put a halt to natural selection, of its own free will, as it were

"We stopped natural selection as soon as we started being able to rear 90-95 per cent of our babies that are born. We are the only species to have put a halt to natural selection, of its own free will, as it were," he told this week's Radio Times.

"Stopping natural selection is not as important, or depressing, as it might sound - because our evolution is now cultural … We can inherit a knowledge of computers or television, electronics, aeroplanes and so on."

Attenborough said he was not optimistic about the future.

But he added: "I don't think we are going to become extinct. We're very clever and extremely resourceful, and we will find ways of preserving ourselves … But whether our lives will be as rich as they are now is another question.

"We may reduce in numbers; that would actually be a help, though the chances of it happening within the next century is very small. I should think it's impossible, in fact."

The broadcaster, who is a patron of the charity Population Matters, which promotes family planning and campaigns for sustainable consumption, also appeared to express qualified support for the one-child policy in China.

He said: "It's the degree to which it has been enforced which is terrible, and there's no question it's produced all kinds of personal tragedies. There's no question about that. On the other hand, the Chinese themselves recognise that had they not done so there would be several million more mouths in the world today than there are now."

Attenborough added: "If you were able to persuade people that it is irresponsible to have large families in this day and age, and if material wealth and material conditions are such that people value their materialistic life and don't suffer as a consequence, then that's all to the good.

"But I'm not particularly optimistic about the future. I think we're lucky to be living when we are, because things are going to get worse."

Attenborough's next screen venture, a two-programme study of the rise of animals, begins on the BBC this month.

The BBC has already announced future projects involving the 87-year-old, much-loved face and voice of natural history. "If I was earning my money by hewing coal I would be very glad indeed to stop," said Attenborough, who had a pacemaker fitted to regulate his heart in June.

"But I'm not. I'm swanning round the world looking at the most fabulously interesting things. Such good fortune."

He also told the magazine: "I'm luckier than my grandfather, who didn't move more than five miles from the village in which he was born. I have all kinds of pleasures and luxuries that I appreciate and I'm very, very fortunate. I think that applies to the majority of people - in [the UK], at any rate.

"But I think that in another 100 years people will look back at a world that was less crowded, full of natural wonders, and healthier."


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Uncontrolled human population growth is simply environmentally unsustainable, especially if everyone aspires to live at middle class conditions. I'm glad those who are truly knowledgeable on the issue can recognize the merits of China's one-child policy, even though its local enforcement sometimes leaves more to be desired.
But I'm not sure if Attenborough actually said that human evolution stopped because of "birth control and abortion" as SCMP wrote in the opening paragraph. Those procedures are non-selective, so should not make any difference on the process one way or another. What he did say, as quoted, is our ability to raise 95% of the babies born is the cause. That is, medical advances have all but eliminated any natural selection pressure on humans. The more reason to educate people that having more than a couple babies is just crazy.
Human evoluation is still taking place. Unless these other irresponsible nations implement a one child policy too. Check the CIA world factbook for some gender indifferences. We're ripe for war, and even without war theres a certain type thats super fertile, proliferating and demanding handouts. Not to any particular nation, theres a lot of nations that are going that way.
Just see which nations have the higher fertility rate, they'll take up a lot of the space in the future.
Another derivative of the end-of perspective
religion, philosophy, science, isms, history, world and so forth
Isn’t epigenetics a form of human evolution?
Social selection reigns at the end of natural selection
If social isn’t part of natural
what are the principles of social purposes?


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