Decades-old sunken cars found in Foss lake, Oklahoma, found to contain six bodies

PUBLISHED : Friday, 20 September, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 20 September, 2013, 3:54am


A pair of decades-old mysteries could finally be solved after Oklahoma state troopers unexpectedly discovered the bodies of six people in two rusted cars at the bottom of a lake during a training exercise.

Investigators picking carefully through the mud-encrusted vehicles on Wednesday believe one - a 1969 Camaro - may contain the remains of three teens who went missing from the town of Sayre in 1970.

The other vehicle had "real similarities" to a missing persons report filed in 1969, the Custer County sheriff's office said.

Debbie McManaman thinks her grandfather - John Alva Porter - was in the 1950s-era Chevy that was pulled out of the murky waters. "It's been very traumatic," McManaman said. "I can remember my dad having dreams at night and getting in the car as soon as he got off work from his day job, and he'd take my mom and they'd look and look for any trace."

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol was testing out new sonar equipment when they discovered the two cars last week in Foss Lake, a popular fishing and boating spot in the western part of the largely rural state.

The human remains weren't discovered until the wrecks were pulled out on Tuesday.

The remains had to be very carefully removed to preserve evidence and prevent further deterioration, a task which dragged on into Wednesday .

It will now be the job of the medical examiner's office to identify them.

"It is real important to the families to determine (the identities of the remains) so they can have closure," Custer County Sheriff Bruce Peoples said.