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Netanyahu urges Obama to keep sanctions in place, says Iran committed to Israel's destruction

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 01 October, 2013, 12:54am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 01 October, 2013, 1:06am

WASHINGTON (AP) — Netanyahu urges Obama to keep sanctions in place, says Iran committed to Israel's destruction.


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CBS Radio’s Mark Knoller twitted outta Bradley’s Room that Bibi spent 4 hours counseling Potus on Iran nukes. Keep the Iran sanctions. Attaboy. Obama used Brazilian wax to shave his legs for his sweetheart, he might get lucky and pose nude for a Mugshot with Bibi. He needs it to save his tailgate if OBAMACARE renamed BOEHNERCARE and the Liberal Hippies & Black’s Liposuction is omitted from the Bill. Potus needed Bibi to talk AIPAC vs. J-Street to stop Government Shutdown. Come on girls. It ain’t Imbroglio no mo. It means Obama had Tel Aviv prior consent to court his swain Rohani; American Thinker Magazine rightly described the whole scenario as ‘The Trump Card’. Am thrilled to see GCC Thugocracies faces after Obama christened Khamenei as new partner. Bibi ain’t nagging and moaning no mo Monday to grab Cheese Burger & French fires with Potus. As a matter of fact he will be calling the shots from now and on. Ain’t that something? Kudos Washington! Obama DECIVILSED the whole world to wreck the Middle East saving State of Israel from the Arabspring. Only something like Kassandra Meteor hit planet earth can set things right. I am disappointed that neither Sarah Palin nor Ann Coulter preaching in AIPAC 2014.


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