Fashion in short supply on the Grammys red carpet this year

PUBLISHED : Monday, 27 January, 2014, 9:46pm
UPDATED : Monday, 27 January, 2014, 11:43pm


We saw gravity-defying hair, mother-and-son dressing and one batty hat, a striking wide-brimmed Smokey Bear-style worn by Pharrell Williams.

But fashion with a capital F? There wasn't much of it on the Grammys red carpet this year. In fact, it was kind of a bust.

One reason? Though she performed, style diva Beyonce didn't walk the walk, neither did Rihanna. No Gaga or Miley either.

But Taylor Swift did, and she was the best-dressed of the rest, leading the charge in the metallic brigade. Swift's Gucci gold lamé gown was overlaid with so many crystals, she said: "I think it's bulletproof."

John Legend's wife, Chrissy Teigen, also sparkled, showing killer cleavage in a strapless gold gown by designer Johanna Johnson. A pregnant Ciara collaborated with Emilio Pucci's Peter Dundas on her copper-beaded, serpentine-looking style.

Going for a lighter touch, Katy Perry wore a gossamer-like gown, emblazoned with musical notes, that came down the Valentino Couture runway just last week.

In the too-cute category, Madonna and her son David, eight both turned up in Ralph Lauren tuxedos and black hats. (The queen mum of pop really piled on the accessories, adding a gold mouth grille, Maltese cross pin, crystal hand bracelet and walking stick.) Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon also wore matching hats.

Then there were the head-scratchers.

Williams, who routinely makes best-dressed lists, turned up in a red leather track jacket, jeans with a key chain swinging from his belt loop and the aforementioned park ranger hat.