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Pro-Assad forces kill 175 rebel fighters in ambush south of Damascus

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 27 February, 2014, 1:40am
UPDATED : Thursday, 27 February, 2014, 1:40am

Syrian army troops killed 175 rebels in an ambush yesterday south of Damascus, state media reported, a major attack targeting mostly al-Qaeda-linked fighters as part of a government effort to secure the capital.

The dawn attack by President Bashar al-Assad's forces in the opposition-held area of eastern Ghouta likely will push rebel groups against his rule further away from Damascus, his seat of power. Its suburbs have been opposition strongholds since March 2011, when the revolt against the ruling family began.

If confirmed, it would be one of the deadliest attacks by government forces against rebels in the area.

Syrian state news agency SANA quoted a field commander in the eastern Ghouta area saying most of rebels killed in the assault near Oteibah lake southeast of Damascus belonged to the al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front rebel group. The report said several of those killed were foreign fighters who came to Syria from Saudi Arabia, Chechnya and Qatar.

The agency said the army's operation dealt "a smashing blow to terrorists," a term Syrian state media uses for rebels.

It posted photos on its website showing dozens of bodies of men lying in a dirt track of an open field, some wearing fatigues, but most in civilian clothes.

Some appeared to have been carrying bags of clothes and bottles of water which were scattered on the ground, suggesting they were moving locations when they were ambushed.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also reported the killings, saying that 70 rebels were killed in yesterday's assault.

The Observatory said the number of those killed likely would rise because 89 rebels had been reported missing.

In a live broadcast from the area, Lebanon-based television station Al-Mayadeen also showed dozens of bodies scattered along an unpaved road.


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Syria continues to maintain large stock piles of chemical weapons and like Iran have been stalling and avoiding the handing over of those weapons. Many of the weapons have fallen into the hands of terrorists and nothing at all is being mentioned of Syria’s biological program of the past nor of the chemical and bio weapons brought into Syria from Iraq before the gulf war. Meanwhile we have seen this war grow another faction and that is Al-Qaeda. There appears to be no end to the evil intent of Al-Qaeda nor to that of Assad and nor to that of the rebels who stand against them. Everyone seems to be un-movable in their beliefs. While all of this suffering is going on, more and more weapons for war are being shipped in. While this war continues with no real end in sight, it makes me wonder if something will soon take place which may touch off the war spoken on in Isaiah 17. Many would die on both sides and Damascus Syria would be destroyed. I believe the movement for a 1 world government would then kick into high gear. We all know about the pressure for a 1 world currency and for world peace; now the Pope is even a proponent for a new economic system. A new world order is just a matter of time. In July of 2012 I wrote a small booklet that talks about some of what the Bible says will happen in the end times as well as what will happen during the period known as the seven (360 day) year tribulation and other soon to take place events. I don’t accept donations and it’s f


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