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Backers of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford hit out at challenger Olivia Chow over Hong Kong vote bid

Supporters of the crack-smoking Toronto mayor say non-residents should not be allowed to vote

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 05 April, 2014, 3:07am
UPDATED : Saturday, 05 April, 2014, 5:20am

Supporters of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford have lashed out at his Hong Kong-born challenger Olivia Chow, branding her a traitor and "Chairman Chow" after she urged Torontonians living in the SAR to help unseat him.

The backlash came after Chow said in an interview with the South China Morning Post on Thursday that Hong Kong's numerous Torontonians shared the "sense of shame" that came with having a crack-smoking mayor, and those eligible to vote in October's municipal elections had the chance to help restore pride to Canada's biggest city.

Watch: Hong Kong-born Olivia Chow’s campaign ad

But supporters of the conservative Ford - whose antics have drawn international attention since it was revealed last year that he had been caught on video smoking crack cocaine - cried foul and said Chow's bid for votes in Hong Kong was unethical.

"If you're not filing tax returns as a Canadian resident, then you shouldn't be able to vote in ANY Canadian election. Sounds as if Ms Chow wants our elections to be decided by outsiders who want the benefits of Canadian citizenship without helping pay the costs of same," wrote "Frances" on a blog posting titled, "Chairman Chow asks passports of convenience in the South China Morning Post: Help me defeat Rob Ford".

The posting was accompanied by an image of Chow with a Mao cap photoshopped on her.

The same site carried a comment from "Raymond Hietapakka" who said of Chow: "This banana [yellow on the outside, white on the inside] plays a cheap political race card for votes. What if Bo-Bo [Ford] had said, 'Hey, Vote for Me, 'cause I'm white, jus' like you?'"

The original Post story was shared on Facebook more than 2,600 times by both supporters and opponents of Chow.

Some Twitter users called the left-leaning Chow, 57, a "traitor" and "shameless" for seeking votes from Torontonians living in Hong Kong.

The furore triggered a debate on CBC radio in Toronto on Thursday, with the producers of the Here and Now drive-time show devoting a segment to the question: "Should Canadian citizens who don't actually live here be allowed to vote in our municipal election?"

If you're not filing tax returns, then you shouldn't ... vote in ANY election
Blogger 'Frances'

According to Toronto's election guide, non-resident Canadian citizens are eligible to vote in the October 27 election so long as they or their spouse owns or rents property in the city.

A spokeswoman for the Toronto City Clerk's office said yesterday that non-resident voters in the municipal polls may cast ballots by appointing a proxy who is an eligible resident voter.

Non-resident voters must first make sure they are on the electoral roll in the appropriate district. Unregistered voters must lodge an application, which is available via the Elections Canada website or at the Canadian Consulate General.

Should Canadian citizens who don't actually live here be allowed to vote?
CBC radio talk-show question

Proxy voting forms will then be mailed to eligible voters who contact the Toronto City Clerk's office after September 12.

Non-resident Canadian citizens generally retain the right to vote, so long as they have lived overseas for less than five consecutive years and intend to return to live in Canada. By voting, overseas Canadian citizens do not lose non-resident status.

Chow, the widow of New Democratic Party and opposition leader Jack Layton, emigrated to Canada with her family in 1970.

The Asia Pacific Foundation found there were about 295,000 Canadians in Hong Kong in 2010, most of them returnee migrants. A conservative estimate of the number of current or former Torontonians in Hong Kong would reach 100,000, although it is not clear how many of these are eligible voters.


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How is Rob Ford still eligible?
Some of the comments on this board are just plain ignorant. I am a Torontonian. I believe we are going to vote for whoever is the most qualified based on his/her platform. I am Chinese (therefore I am here checking out a Chinese paper) but it does not mean that she represents me. If I were a HK resident currently away from Toronto, I wouldn't go park my vote with another person who looks like me. The Chinese residents here are very diverse in terms of political views as well. Chow represents the far left, more pro-union while Rob Ford, John Tory and Karen Stintz are going to split the centre right. Toronto is not an all white city so a visible-minority mayor is not out of the question. Think of Calgary's Naheed Nenshi.
By the same logic, clearly Mark Carney is a Canadian of convenience. Indeed he works for a foreign State (the UK is a foreign State probably after the 1931 Statute of Westminster, and definitely after the Canadian Constitution was repatriated in 1982), so if Olivia Chow is a traitor, an Interpol warrant should be issued for Mark Carney for treason.
hillarious; so canada wants foreign money to prop up the real estate market, but does not to give the benefits associated with it.
OK, $177,499 as Mayor of Toronto might not be all that much more for Ms Chow when compared to $163,700 as an MP (all figures in CDN$ of course). However, let's not forget she gets the pension if she wins or loses for Mayor. She has stated that she will donate the pension to charity if/when she is Mayor.
Of course, due to Jack Layton's unfortuate and untimely death she is no longer Mrs Jack Layton. Therefore, she can no longer live in the residence of the Leader of the Opposition in Ottawa, Stornaway. And it has been noted in the past that Ms Chow is somewhat averse to paying market value for her residence, having been found living in public housing in Toronto with Jack and her mother in the past.
Being Mayor of Toronto means being a bigger fish in a small pond, as opposed to being just another MP. And if she loved Toronto so much, why did she move from being a councillor to an MP, even though she represented a Toronto Riding?
There is such a thing called public service. I know, sounds incredibly boring.
What a load of nonsense. Not everyone is as obsessed about money as you clearly are. Do you think Jack Layton married someone obsessed about money and lived with her for 23 years?
I can possibly see why she did not want to live in Ottawa. She is from Toronto, her husband is dead, being in Ottawa reminds her of her husband, and she loves Toronto.
The naivety is overwhelming!
As to being obsessed about money, well I would like to think I am obsessed about politicians who seek to tell the rest of us just how wonderful they are.
Anyway, no doubt you'll be able to meet Ms Chow when she visits Hong Kong, if she becomes Mayor, to tell you all how to run your city. Of course, the Toronto tax payers will be getting the bill for any such trip or trips.
I think for Olivia Chow to have resigned her position as federal MP in Ottawa to run for the mayoralty in Toronto says a lot about her love of Toronto. People normally aspire to higher office not local office.
All overseas Australians have to vote, whether or not they pay Australian tax; I do not see how Torontonians in Hong Kong should not be able to vote.
This "Raymond Hietafukka" should be prosecuted for using racist taunt like "banana" in describing Ms Chow.
whymak (correspondent on this website) describes any Chinese person who supports democracy as a "banana" (cf. "No doubt for mindless HK bananas, this kind of democracy universal values is a good thing." - "****www.scmp.com/comment/insight-opinion/article/1465128/us-offers-anson-chan-and-martin-lee-poor-example-demoracy"). Go figure!
how can white toronto ever allow a chinawoman run the city!! no way. its like having a white guy run china. no way!!
the fact that they prefer a drug-drunk than to ever have a chinawoman is clear!
can u blame them?
Won't be long before Chinese would be the majority for the simple reason that Canada is selling to those who can afford it. By your reckoning would it be fair then for a "white" man to run a city council? Remember the "whites" were aggressive invaders not too long ago, who robbed the territory from native Canadians. They still recognised the Queen of England as their Head of State, for crying out loud.
allan94 - you sound like you've been hanging out with Rob Ford too much
Obama is black...
Sony CEO was white...
Chinese for Chow.
The fact that Rob Ford is even running in the campaign is ludicrous. He's a profound embarrassment to Canada internationally - belonging more in a superhero cartoon as the fat obnoxious villain than as a significant politician. I don't say this because he has had a problem with addiction - that's human and excusable. He is not unlike many of us in that regard. But his refusal to be accountable for what he has done is unforgivable. I can only assume that he has some serious personality disorder.
A politician who refuses to be "accountable"? Now, that must be a first!
VicSexton: I had the same comment.
I'll like to know who his supporters are, family and friends at the pig trough? getting sweet deals from the mayor's office?
I can't believe any TO voters don't feel embarassed by this clown.
Rob Ford still has supporters?!?!
Who said Rob Ford was "entertaining"? I can only see an "amusing" in the posts. One can "amuse in different - and in this case pathetic - ways. Does anyone else find it curious that Ford's behaviour only seemed to come out when he became Mayor?
Anyway, the amusing entertainment of a politician imploding is preferable to the po-faced "I know best for you all" attitude that Princess Olivia will probably project if elected.
Amusing, entertaining, go ahead and split hairs. Ford's behavior "came out" IN PUBLIC when he became mayor--well, duh.
Toronto is having real problems with governance right now. It's a shame that you are more concerned with your perceptions of the personalities involved.
I also wonder why Ford's behavior only seems to have tanked when he became mayor, after all he was a councillor for long enough. Maybe it was because the media in Toronto reported everything he did as mayor - including a visit to KFC!
You are right that TO has problems with governance, but would a tax and spend socialist make anything better?
The real problem with TO compared to HK is that everything is just waffle - and all the main contenders seem to be long on that. It does not matter who gets into the mayor's office, Toronto will go on considering itself the centre of the universe as it slips further and further behind other "world class" cities.
As to the comment elsewhere that the Ford brothers and their family and friends have their snouts in the trough; well, other politicians would never do such a thing, would they?
Well, yes, a socialist would be infinitely preferable. What's that got to do with Olivia Chow?
Overseas Australians are allowed to vote in Australian elections, regardless of how long they have been away and whether or not they pay taxes to Australia.
Rob Ford is NOT "entertaining." Everything that comes out of his mouth, or is yapped by his supporters, is bigoted, ignorant, mean-spirited, or just plain stooooopid.
This natavist ploy is par for the course, playing to the white yahoo vote.
There's nothing unusual about the practice of non-residents participating in elections--it's a feature of most democracies. I'm a US citizen, in HK for 17 years, and I've regularly voted in federal, state, and municipal elections throughout that time.
Rob Ford and his know-nothings can shove it.
She is as dull and contrived, as Ford is strange and erratic
Formerly ******
Yeah, but, ah, can she snort coke, guzzle a ton of booze, and party hardy 'til the sun rises and still make it to the office on time? Isn't stamina an important quality in a mayor?
Coke - 焦炭? Stop pretending you know Chinese or English, it is embarrassing. It's cocaine and the Chinese phrase is 可卡因.
Agreed. What a dong.
Formerly ******
Dear Miss. lucy-****:
Your phony, I'm-evil-and-scary avatar and your pseudo-tough-guy moniker are reasons enough to ignore your illiterate rants.
你的假,我 - 惡 - 和 - 可怕的頭像和你的偽硬漢的綽號都足以忽略你的文盲咆哮的理由。
Formerly ******
先生cleareye :
最後,但並非最不重要的,人們通常並沒有結束與一個形容詞短語或一個句子,作為這樣一個不合語法的句子結構,讓讀者猜測是由形容詞修飾詞或主體的身份。因此,在字“的尷尬, ”你應該已經按照用一個經歷了尷尬的身份。
Formerly ******
Mr. cleareye:
Thank you for advertising your ignorance and lack of knowledge about much of anything, including the English and Chinese languages.
Your silent cry for help with your very poor English grammar and sentence structure has been heard by me. I'll offer to you some basic, fourth-grade grammar lessons. The first lesson is that the pronoun 'that' should be used to introduce a restrictive relative clause. So, the third word of your second sentence, between the words "pretending" and "you," should've been the word that.
Second, a semicolon is used between two independent clauses that are connected by conjunctive adverbs or transitional phrases. Accordingly, you should've used after the word "English" a semicolon, instead of a comma.
Last, but not least, one typically doesn't end a phrase or a sentence with an adjective, as such an ungrammatical sentence structure leaves the reader guessing as to the identity of the word or subject modified by the adjective. Therefore, after the word "embarrassing," you should've followed with the identity of the one experiencing the embarrassment.
Anyway, my Chinese friends said that you also don't have a good grasp of Chinese, as, they tell me, it's a language that does incorporate slang from other languages.
Please take to heart these constructive criticisms and, should you so take to heart these comments, then, in a few decades, you've a chance to be semi-literate in English.
Cheers, my friend.
Coke is a recognized street name for cocaine.
Olivia was a Toronto councillor when she ran for Parliament. If memory serves, she did not resign from the council, thereby ensuring she had a job to go back to if she lost. She won, and again if memory serves, she spent all her office budget before moving to Ottawa. Now, one has to ask: why would someone resign as an MP to run for Mayor of Toronto? Is the pay higher? The perks better (tax free if possible)? Any free accomodation? Oh, no, I forgot: Olivia cares so much about Toronto!
At least Rob Ford is amusing. The attached video made my skin crawl with its patrician attitude.
OMG it is getting nasty! First the racial, then religion, gender, what next?
Formerly ******
What's next? I'd imagine sexual orientation. What say you?


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