Police say Toronto worker stabbed four bosses as he was fired

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 10 April, 2014, 9:51pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 10 April, 2014, 9:51pm


An employee of a human resources company stabbed bosses while being fired at a Toronto office building, police said.

They said four people were hurt during Wednesday's attack, including one woman who had life-threatening injuries.

Chuang Li, 47, faces three counts of attempted murder and four of assault with a knife.

"He was being fired and I guess then he proceeded to get involved in stabbing some of his bosses and some other employees," said Dan Darnbrough, of Toronto police.

Darnbrough said fellow employees restrained the man before police arrived.

A woman, 32, and three men aged between 35 and 45 were injured, he said. Three remain in hospital.

Ceridian, a global human resources company based in the United States, said four employees were attacked by a "former employee".

Darnbrough told the Toronto Star he believed the man worked for Ceridian as a computer programmer and lived in Toronto with his wife and daughter.

Police earlier said they were called to an office building with reports that "a man with scissors" had entered the business and started stabbing people.

Television news showed police putting a handcuffed man into a police car. The man turned his head while in the back seat and said hello to a television camera pointed at him. His hands, cuffed behind his back, were bloodied. The man was due in court yesterday.