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'Don't scream when you're being robbed', Brazil police tell World Cup fans

PUBLISHED : Monday, 12 May, 2014, 3:12am
UPDATED : Monday, 12 May, 2014, 3:44pm

Brazilian police will distribute pamphlets to World Cup visitors advising them not to argue or scream when being robbed.

The campaign was designed by the head of the committee created by police in Brazil's biggest city to prepare for soccer's marquee event and aimed at avoiding the increasing rate of robberies that end with homicide.

Police officer Mario Leite told the Estado de S.Paulo newspaper that the tips were included in pamphlets that embassies and consulates from the United States to Europe would distribute to visitors boarding planes to the South American nation.

To be published in English, Spanish and French, the brochures advise against showing off possessions and walking alone at night, and recommend that tourists make sure they are not being followed.

"Don't react, scream or argue" with robbers, the pamphlets would say, Leite said. "Tourists coming from Europe or the US don't come frequently and aren't used to seeing these types of crimes. Since they're not used to it, they will react to an assault. With the pamphlets, they know not to flaunt certain objects, to be careful at night and to only walk around if accompanied."

While the number of murders in Sao Paulo state fell last year, robberies that end in murder, rose 9 per cent to a nine-year high of 385.

Brazil expects to welcome more than 600,000 foreign tourists for the massive sporting event, and is anticipating the internal displacement of more than three million residents.

Authorities have begun activating 30,000 troops to secure its borders. The operation involving the army, navy and air force will extend over the 16,900km frontier separating the South American giant from its 10 neighbours.

Additional reporting by Agence France-Presse


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What an utter mess! What govt warns visitors to "not argue, react or scream" when being robbed or mobbed for that matter? And if I am getting killed...i should remain silent too?
Yeah, you have to be a bit more considerate:). Where is this world coming to when everybody who gets, robbed, raped, and killed, just goes on shouting and screaming and arguing? So selfish:)
It would be safer not to visit Brazil.
They should have never got the World Cup in the first place if security was at such a laughable level. FIFA will probably choose Ukraine as next host.
Just don't go there. Period.
it would be more comical and realistic if they told you to bring your own guns and weapons..... what a joke of public safety Brazil is.... a third world **** hole indeed!
What a disaster
Or you can just not go...if they couldn't get there stuff in order even for one of the biggest events for Brazil...why bother risking your lives.
try to scream BEFORE you get robbed
Well, now at least we know what will await visitors in Brazil. Don't go there or if you go there do not complain afterwards if someone gets robbed or even killed.
What colour is the "travel warning" of the HK Govt.?



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