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'Nothing can break us', says Obama as he dedicates September 11 museum

President dedicates September 11 museum with tribute to strength and character of Americans

PUBLISHED : Friday, 16 May, 2014, 1:24am
UPDATED : Friday, 16 May, 2014, 1:24am

As he dedicated the new September 11 museum, US President Barack Obama said no act of terror could match the strength and character of the United States and the true spirit of that terrible day was love, compassion and sacrifice.

"Nothing can ever break us," Obama said at the dedication in New York for the National September 11 Memorial Museum. He said the museum tells the story of 9/11 so that future generations will never forget.

Obama said it was a moment to reflect on the true spirit of 9/11 and enshrine it forever in the nation's heart. He praised the men and women who helped save lives in the attack, including those who gave their lives in the effort. The president said the deceased live on in us and in their friends and families.

Moments earlier, Obama and first lady Michelle Obama toured the museum, viewing a memorial wall with photos of victims and a mangled fire truck, ahead of a ceremony marking its opening.

Obama walked quietly through an expansive hall with former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, with the first lady, former president Bill Clinton and former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton following on. Hundreds of dignitaries and victims' relatives, survivors and rescuers were there to view the museum built to commemorate the 2001 terrorist attack, as well as the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing.

By turns chilling and heartbreaking, the ground zero museum leads people on an unsettling journey through the terrorist attacks, with forays into their lead-up and legacy.

There are scenes of horror, including videos of the skyscrapers collapsing and people falling. But there also are symbols of heroism, ranging from damaged fire trucks to the wristwatch of one of the airline passengers who confronted the hijackers.

"You won't walk out of this museum without a feeling that you understand humanity in a deeper way," museum president Joe Daniels said. The museum, which opens on May 21, and memorial plaza above were built for US$700 million in donations and tax dollars. Work was beset by construction problems and squabbles, but its leaders see it as a monument to unity.


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"Nothing can ever break us...but we are broke"
How About
"Nothing can ever break us" is a statement predicated on certain country or some entity intends or wishes to humble USA which already presupposes that country or entity is an enemy of USA. Well of the 199 nations on Earth you do have plenty of enemies everywhere, now that you've spend $1T [4T all inclusive] on the Afghan-Iraq War you should know better, and it's likely not because USA is that benevolent good cop. Hope you can pass on the right message to your children...
Jonathan Smith
After 13 years since the 911 incident, the root cause for why 911 happened have not changed but is becoming even worse because of the US War on Muslims and the US support of repressive regimes.
911 was used by the US to launch a brutal and illegal war on Iraq where the US slaughtered hundred of thousands of innocent Iraqis that have nothing to do with 911. 911 was also used as an excuse for the US War on Terrorism which for all intents and purposes is actually a War on Muslims. The cycle of violence continues. Now the US military pivot to Asia sees the kind of violence promoted by the US surging in Asia again. The US will reap what it sows.


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