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Prince Charles in the wars after comparing Putin with Hitler

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 21 May, 2014, 4:51pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 21 May, 2014, 4:54pm

Britain's Prince Charles has created a stir by comparing  the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine to those of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in the second world war.

Marienne Ferguson, a 78-year-old who fled the Nazis aged 13 and lost family members in the Holocaust, said the heir to the throne made the controversial remark during a tour of a museum in Canada.

“I had finished showing him the exhibit and talked with him about my own family background and how I came to Canada,” Ferguson told Britain’s Daily Mail.

“The prince then said: ‘And now Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler’.

“I must say that I agree with him and am sure a lot of people do. I was very surprised that he made the comment as I know they [the royal family] aren’t meant to say these things, but it was very heartfelt and honest.”

The remark made headlines around the world, and Russian media said it threatened to further “complicate” relations between Britain and Moscow.

The prince’s office, Clarence House, said in a statement: “We do not comment on private conversations. But we would like to stress that the Prince of Wales would not seek to make a public political statement during a private conversation.”

Ferguson met Charles, on a four-day visit to Canada with his wife, Camilla, during a tour of the Canadian Museum of Immigration in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Charles, the future king, is due to meet with Putin in France on June 6 as part of the commemorations marking the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

There was no immediate official reaction in Moscow.

The prince’s comments echo those reportedly made by former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton in March, and reflect Western frustration with Russia over Ukraine.

Russia’s annexation of Crimea in March set off the worst diplomatic crisis in the West’s relations with Moscow since the end of the cold war.

It has been followed by uprisings and fighting in eastern Ukraine that have raised concerns of a civil war erupting on Europe’s doorstep.


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I thought UK is a constitutional monarchy and Charles, being part of the royal family should be politically neutral.
Why is he getting into politics when it's none of his business?
Does he want to succeed his mother to become a "real" monarch????
It reminds me of his father's long line of gaffes.
Like father like son.
Jonathan Smith
the war criminals like George Bush, Tony Blair launch illegal wars against the Arab countries murdering millions are the real Hitlers.
Charles is right. You can't paint this in any other light. With all of the wars and possible wars either going on or on the verge of taking place, along with the fragility of the worlds economy we see today; calls have gone out from various nations and organization to change the worlds economic platform and to form a world government to put and end to wars. We also see stress caused from all of the odd weather, melting polar ice, shortness in fresh water supplies and droughts that have caused a price increase for basic food grains. News reports many times more earthquakes of those that are 5.0 or higher around the entire world. All of these things are just part of the signs that about 2000 years ago the Bible stated would occur. The Bible calls this time period the “end times”. The biggest sign of all we have seen to date? The 1948 miracle of the re-birth of the nation of Israel. Events are rapidly approaching the tribulation period. I wrote a booklet that talks about some of what the Bible says will happen in the end times as well as what will happen during the period known as the seven (360 day) year tribulation and other soon to take place events. I don’t accept donations and it’s free. It’s about 6 or 7 pages, so it’s a short read. I encourage you to have a look: ****www.booksie.com/religion_and_spirituality/book/richard_b_barnes/after-the-rapture-whats-next
Putin has just annexed a province from a neighboring country which Russia had signed a non-agression treaty in return for the return of all nuclear weapons. Even the UN is calling it illegal so Daniel, what's your point again? Bashing Bush and Blair to justify Russia's unlawful act? BTW, Hitler also unlawfully annexed neighbouring countries and started WW2, causing the deaths of more than 50 million people worldwide, including 6 million Jews. I think this was what Charles was referring to when touring that museum in Canada
Daniel Lee
Charles is a disgrace anywhere, two timing his deceased and divorced wife even on the eve of the wedding. Putin is not Hitler. If anything that would be Tony Blair and George Bush with their lies about WMD and unending wars.
Stick with the facts Daniel. I cannot see any logic in your thinking, neither had you made any case in defending President Putin. You're just deflecting and neglecting the facts. Perhaps Bush and Blair are war mongers, history will decide, if so, they should be prosecuted like anyone else.
What is your point?


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