Think you have Apple problems? Watch this man take product rage to next level

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 02 October, 2016, 12:31pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 02 October, 2016, 9:51pm

Apple, like many companies has received plenty of hate in the past from customers, but this is on a whole new level.

Spotted by The Next Web, a disgruntled customer, apparently unhappy with his customer support experience, went into an Apple Store in Dijon, France and proceeded to destroy iPhones, iPod Touches and a MacBook Air with what appears to be a boule ball, a heavy ball used in a variety of games in France.

Realising that he was on video, the man addressed the camera saying that Apple was a company that “violates consumer’s rights.”

“They refuse to reimburse me as it is written by the European law of the consumer. I told them give me back my money, they say no. Here is what is going on now.”

In videos of the incident posted on social media the unnamed man smashes the various Apple devices for a full minute before security steps in to take him out of the store. Subsequent videos show the man trying to escape mall security before being apprehended a second time.

According to French news site LeJournal the suspect was later taken into police custody.

Prosecutor Marie-Christine Tarrare said he caused 55,000 euros ($56,000) in damages.

Additional reporting by Agence France-Presse