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Hollywood actor Val Kilmer says he doesn’t have cancer despite Michael Douglas’ claims

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 02 November, 2016, 10:57pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 02 November, 2016, 10:57pm

Val Kilmer has said Michael Douglas was “misinformed” when he suggested Kilmer had cancer.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday evening, Kilmer said he had “no cancer whatsoever.” At a London event on Sunday, Douglas had said Kilmer was “dealing with” throat cancer, which Douglas was diagnosed with in 2010.

Kilmer said he spoke to Douglas nearly two years ago about recommending a specialist for a lump in his throat. The 56-year-old Kilmer said he was treated at UCLA and still has a swollen tongue, but is “rehabbing steadily”.

The actor said he’s made three films in the last year, including one about his one-man Mark Twain play, Cinema Twain. He also co-stars in Tomas Alfredson’s Jo Nesbo adaptation The Snowman, due out next year.