US election snapshot: the candidate Asian investors are betting on

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 06 November, 2016, 11:03am
UPDATED : Sunday, 06 November, 2016, 11:39am

Asia focus: investors bet on a Clinton win

As many as 80 per cent of rich Asian and European investors are wagering their money on Hillary Clinton becoming the 45th President of the United States after America votes on Tuesday.

Some Swiss banks are offering structured products in the form of bonds whose performance is tied to a group of shares, and has seem “strong interest” from regions like Singapore, Bloomberg reported.

Some of the notes are linked to stocks that should rise if Clinton wins, and likewise others would benefit from a Donald Trump victory.

A distributer was quoted as saying most of the notes sold by his firm were those speculating a Clinton victory.

Star power for Clinton

In the final days of the campaign Clinton is getting a strong push from her celebrity supporters. Music industry power couple Jay Z and Beyonce hosted a free concert in Ohio on Friday night, while other big names such as Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, and Jon Bon Jovi have also offered their star power.

In Philadelphia on Saturday, Perry took the stage to the song Nasty, a reference to Trump’s snide “nasty woman” remark at Clinton during the final debate. She has been a big supporter of Clinton throughout the presidential race and opened with her song Roar, which has become an anthem for Clinton’s campaign.

Perry said: “Tuesday’s going to be fun, but Wednesday is going to be better.”

Celebrity performances on the campaign trail are not unique to Clinton: Barack Obama attracted some 80,000 people to a 2008 Bruce Springsteen concert in Cleveland just days before Americans headed to the polls.

The only poll that matters is election day

The polls have tightened in the final days before the November 8 election and the research and forecast site FiveThirtyEight predicted Clinton’s winning chance about 66 per cent on Friday, a sharp drop from about 90 per cent a week ago. Statistics guru Nate Silver famously called the last two US elections, to near perfection: he got 49 states right in 2008 and all 50 in 2012. But he missed the Trump factor this time around.

The new polls came as Both Clinton and Trump made their final pitches for the presidency at various campaign stops. On Thursday evening the campaign aircraft of the two candidates arrived almost at the same time at Raleigh-Durham International Airport of North Carolina, a key swing state.

In a rather amusing scene, the Clinton plane with “Stronger Together” slogan landed minutes before the Trump plane with the “Make America Great Again”.

Later, Donald Trump’s motorcade paused to allow the Clinton motorcade to pass.

An independent's day for Utah?

Independent candidate Evan McMullin has been gaining traction in the state of Utah in recent polls. His win now seems not impossible, and the critical third party factor the state could shake the entire election.

McMullin, a former CIA agent (and former Republican), is appealing to the conservative Mormon voters in Utah.

The “ruby red” Utah has rooted for the Republican Party for decades. But while still don’t want Clinton, the Mormon conservatives are reluctant to back an unconventional Republican candidate Trump this time.

There hasn’t been a third-party candidate won any state since 1968.

If McMullin does captures the six electoral votes of Utah, one scenario is that none of the closely-tied Trump and Clinton could get 270, or more than half of the total 538 votes to win.

In that case, the House of Representatives will hold a tiebreaker election to decide who would become the next president, a situation that has not taken place since 1824.

Additional reporting by Agence France-Presse