Election snapshot: Asian markets predict Clinton win as candidates return to New York for vote

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 09 November, 2016, 7:50am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 09 November, 2016, 7:53am

Asian markets close higher on expectations of Clinton win

The Asian stock markets closed modestly higher on Tuesday as investors cautiously leaned towards a Hillary Clinton win hours before the US presidential election.

There was limited optimism in the markets surrounding the outcome of the election with opinion polls in favour of Clinton, whose victory is thought to be positive for global markets, while a Trump presidency might increase uncertainty.

The Hang Sang Index ended with a gain of 108.07 points and 0.47 per cent at 22,909.47. Japan’s Nikkei 225 finished down 0.03 per cent, or 5.83 points, at 17,171.38, while South Korea’s Kospi ended up 0.29 per cent, or 5.8 points, at 2,003.38.

The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges also went up slightly with 0.47 per cent, or 14.69 points, at 3,148.02 and 0.659 per cent, or 13.626 points, at 2,080.435 respectively.

Meanwhile, the Dow Jones rallied for the second day in a row, and Mexican currency peso also enjoyed a rise.

Candidates come home to New York for results

There are still questions about how Donald Trump would react if the outcome of the election did not go in his way, after he told media on election morning he would “see what happens” and accept the results only if they are “fair”.

Clinton has practised two speeches – one for win and one for loss – her campaign claimed.

In the morning, Clinton voted at New York’s Chappaqua around 8am local time accompanied by her husband Bill, while Trump took his wife, daughter and granddaughter to a polling station at Public School 59 in midtown Manhattan around 11am.

Both Clinton and Trump are registered New York voters and the headquarters of their campaigns are only several miles apart.

The results of the election are expected around midnight EDT, when polls close on the West Coast.

Earlier, the Clinton campaign cancelled a celebratory firework show over the Hudson River without giving a reason.

Obama basketball ritual on Election morning

President Barack Obama goes was photographed playing basketball early morning of the Election Day, a superstitious ritual he has been practising since 2008.

As the polling stationed opened on Tuesday morning, Obama shot some hoops with his friends on the court in a military base in Washington.

He had already casted his ballot last month during early voting in his home state of Illinois.

Obama has played basketball on the all election days during his own run for President. So far it turns out the only time he skipped it was when he lost that New Hampshire primary to Hillary Clinton in 2008.

The result of the game does not matter. As long as he shows up the ritual stands, according to his friend.