Woman slapped by driver, killed by oncoming truck

PUBLISHED : Monday, 25 September, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 25 September, 2006, 12:00am

A migrant worker who accidentally scratched a car with her shovel paid for the damage with her life last Wednesday when the car owner slapped her, knocking her into the path of a truck which then ran over her.

Mother of four Zhang Xiaoying, 42, was crossing a road in Guangzhou's Zengcheng District when her shovel brushed against the car, prompting the driver to get out of the vehicle and smack Mrs Zhang in the face. The blow sent her reeling onto the road where she was killed by an oncoming truck, according to the Guangzhou Daily.

The motorist who slapped Mrs Zhang was arrested.

The incident is another case of road rage exhibited by the mainland's new generation of drivers.

In 2003, a motorist in Harbin ignited a public outcry when she mowed down 13 farmers, killing one, because she was angry that a farmer had damaged her vehicle's door mirror.

Guangxi magazine editor Kang Xilai said people on the mainland seemed easily angered by even trivial things.

'The scratch and the death this time were both accidental,' Mr Kang said. 'But it shows the atmosphere in society is wrong.'

He said people felt anxiety and pressure in an era of rapid development, provoking violent outbursts.

Mrs Zhang's death was witnessed by her husband, Chen Mingjun, local media reported.