The power of one: Egypt's presidential election, May 28

28 May 2014

Security was tight as Egyptians lined up to vote on the second and final day of the presidential election, with the country’s former military chief Abdel-Fatteh el-Sisi poised for an almost certain victory. Sisi, 59, is hoping for a large turnout to send a message to the West that his removal almost a year ago of the Islamist Mohammed Mursi was not a coup but a popular revolution such as the 2011uprising that ended autocrat Hosni Mubarak’s almost 30-year-long rule. Sisi’s only rival in the race is left-wing politician Hamdeen Sabahi, who finished third in the 2012 presidential vote but is not believed capable of taking more than a symbolic amount of votes from Sisi. The result is not expected until June 5.