Over the moon, February 23

23 Feb 2015

Chinese communities from New York to Sydney and Bangkok to Sao Paulo marked the arrival of the Year of the Goat with traditional lion dances, parades, feasting and prayers for peace and prosperity. In China, the annual holiday marks the biggest movement of people in the world, emptying the biggest cities as many return to their home towns. Some 3.6 billion journeys are expected over this year’s festive period. Experts say the new lunar year, also referred to in some areas as that of the sheep or ram, could be calmer than the previous Year of the Horse, which was marked by a series of accidents and conflicts, but there may still be volatile times, with some predicting outbreaks of disease and others a downturn in property markets. Photographers from the Post as well as EPA, Reuters, Xinhua and AFP capture the celebrations in Hong Kong and around the world.