Forget the markets, here's the real bull run

9 Jul 2015

The Running of the Bulls is a tradition stretching back hundreds of years across Spain but the event in the city of Pamplona has now become something of a right of passage for many backpackers. The nine-day San Fermin festival made famous in Ernest Hemingway's 1926 novel The Sun Also Rises attracts thousands of foreign tourists, despite cries against animal cruelty. Many people are injured, mostly in falls. And 15 people have died from gorings in Pamplona since record-keeping began in 1924. During the second run through the narrow streets yesterday, an Australian was gored twice by a bull and two people suffered other injuries. Two Americans and a Briton were gored and eight others injured in the first run on Tuesday. Photographers from AP, EPA, AFP and Reuters catch the action.