Rugged beauty of the city of the devil, July 27

27 Jul 2015

In a nation known for its stunning beauty, the landscape that makes up the Yadan landform is among China’s most stunning. This region of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region in the mainland’s northwest is among the nation’s most inhospitable, with little rain and often scorching temperatures. The Yadan landform covers an area some 400km long and 20km wide between the cities of Hami in the south and Lop Nor in the north. It is the result of some 40,000 years of wind erosion carving striking shapes from the land. With its strange shapes and howling sounds made from the wind, the area has long been known to locals as the “city of the devil”. Increasingly in recent years, Yadan has attracted more and more tourists drawn by the natural beauty of this distant region. Photographers from ImagineChina were among those to make the journey.