Nature rubbished

12 Oct 2015

Qinhai Lake - a place of outstanding natural beauty that is the mainland's largest lake - is paying the price of its popularity with tourists. Parts of the lake's edge and even the water have been turned into a dump as visitors leave behind plastic bags and polystyrene containers among other rubbish. Hotels and hostels are also dumping rubbish in pits near the water's edge, while the local refuse disposal plant has been unable to cope with the volume of trash. On the first day of this year's week-long National Day holiday, more than 5,000 visited the lake, 20 per cent more than last year. Four days later, volunteers collected 150kg of rubbish in under a hour. Beijing News photographer Chen Jie was there. Read more: Travel sickness: visitors turning China's Qinghai Lake attraction into huge rubbish dump