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Welcome Onboard 14 Young Scholars From Across the World

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 02 May, 2018, 3:38pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 02 May, 2018, 3:38pm

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The HKUST Business School has provided a dynamic and supportive working environment for faculty to develop intellectually and professionally, contributing to the economic and social advancement of Asia. As a magnet for some of the brightest minds, the School has welcomed 14 young and aspiring scholars. They represent a highly diverse mix of faculty from different leading universities and countries including Mainland China, India, Japan, South Korea, and the US. The School’s 140-strong team of faculty will continue upholding its academic leadership and developing business leaders for the region.

1. Li Xinlei 李莘檑

    - Columbia University

    - Disclosure; Contracting; Corporate Finance; Corporate Governance; Earnings Quality

2. Zheng Yue鄭悅

    - University of Maryland
    - Accounting; Venture Capital; Earnings Quality

3. Kawaguchi Kohei川口康平

    - London School of Economics and Political Science
    - Industrial Organization; Quantitative Marketing; Micro-econometrics

4. Lin Yatang林婭棠

    - London School of Economics and Political Science
    - Environmental Economics; Urban and Regional Economics; International Trade; Economic Growth and Development

5. Ji Yan吉岩

    - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    - Macroeconomics; Asset Pricing; Financial Intermediation; Macro-finance

6. Yang Yi楊毅

    - Northwestern University
    - Online Social Network System; Data Mining; Big Data; Deep Learning

7. Bharadwaj Kadiyala

    - University of Texas at Dallas
    - Theory of Large-scale Inference; Random Walks; Interface of Marketing & Supply Chain; Financial Econometrics; Coordination of Global Operations

8. Shin Dongwook申東煜

    - Columbia University
    - Electronic Commerce; Operations Management; Revenue Management; Probability Models; Online Social Network System

9. Lee Dongwon 李東遠

    - University of Maryland
    - Mobile Commerce; Customer Analytics; Human-computer Interaction; Strategic Use of IT Resources; Field Experiment

10. Chen Yanzhen陳彥臻

    - University of Texas at Austin
    - Big Data; Algorithmic Trading; Deep Learning; Bayesian Analysis; Healthcare

11. Cho Jaee曹資宜

    - Columbia University
    - Cultural Mixing and Globalization; Diversity Ideologies; Creativity; Judgment and Decision Making; Diversity and Conflict

12. Kim Yong H

    - University of Michigan
    - Social Networks; Organizational Networks; Organizational Sociology; Organizational Theory; Corporate Social Responsibility

13. Chaitali (Tali) Kapadia柏嘉麗

    - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    - Emotions; Creativity; Human Attention; Longitudinal Research; Creative Industries

14. David Daniels

    - Stanford University
    - Human Judgement & Decision Processes; Managerial Decision Making; Negotiation and Conflict Management; Organizational Behavior; Workforce Diversity