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Marna Cosmetics casts Japanese beauty ideas into solid shape

Company uses state-of-the-art research systems to offer unparalleled dermatological solutions

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 12 April, 2016, 9:28am
UPDATED : Thursday, 14 April, 2016, 9:54am

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Top skincare developer Marna Cosmetics has been establishing beauty standards that have guided Japan’s cosmetics markets for more than 75 years. A purveyor of Japanese cosmetics trends, from the ancient Kampo – the practice of Chinese herbal medicine in Japan – to the latest know-how in the field of organic and biodegradable products, Marna has employed state-of-the-art research systems to offer unparalleled dermatological solutions.

With more than 10,000 items developed with partner-clients, Marna uses only the finest organic and natural ingredients certified by Ecocert – a global organic certification organisation, and by the blanket body for organic and natural cosmetics COSMOS-standard. Its facility is the first halal-certified factory in Japan.

“Japanese customers are very particular about quality, so we keep our standards high,” says Katsuyasu Ida, president and CEO. “Our organic plant differentiates us from other brands.”

As part of a larger group of companies, Marna leverages the synergy within the organisation’s various subsidiaries. It shapes the latest cosmetic ideas into different types of quality hair, skin and body care products that are available in small or large quantities at reasonable prices. Marna’s tailor-made cosmetics cater to niche markets, and are being distributed through original equipment manufacturers, contract-import streams or via agents handling the company-owned brand Elence.

Banking on the success of its Elence 2001 hair care series, Marna is eyeing Southeast Asia as a viable market. It has started exporting its whitening body shampoos to Vietnam and is optimistic about business collaborations with Asia’s leading drugstores. It also supplies custom-blended skincare solutions to Hong Kong’s MTM salon.

“We are fortifying our own brands to increase our sales from abroad,” Ida says. “As a strategy, we offer seasonal products such as sakura-themed items to markets in Asia. We produce many skincare kits, but we want to develop more targeted variants to expand our business.”

Marna Cosmetics