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Tama Home brings joy to house buyers throughout country

Nation’s leading real estate developer is popular for its ‘low-cost but high-grade houses’

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 12 April, 2016, 4:27pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 14 April, 2016, 9:54am

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Almost everyone in Japan knows Tama Home. The company has been building individual houses and condominiums for the past 18 years, but Yasuhiro Tamaki’s samurai clan has been making shrines and other Japanese structures for a long time. Today, the country’s leading real estate developer constructs about 8,000 houses and condominiums yearly, and boasts 240 showrooms in 49 cities throughout Japan.

“Tama Home stands for low-cost but high-grade houses,” says Tamaki, company president and CEO. “We bring joy to first-time homeowners, retirees or families who are renovating or expanding their homes.”

Tama Home uses reinforced concrete raft foundations for earthquake protection and durability. These houses can withstand shocks up to the level regulated by Japan’s Building Standards Act. The units feature landscaped rooftops, natural ventilation that keeps the houses dry for longevity, and multilayered, low-emitting glass panels that conserve energy by preserving natural heat or cold.

The house foundations last lifetimes and do not attract termites because they are made of non-corrosive material. Lastly, prices are quite competitive with economies of scale.

Through partnerships in Hawaii, Shanghai and other markets in Asia and across the globe, the company has ventured into residential and commercial buildings such as condominiums, restaurants and hotels. US president Barack Obama frequents its affiliated restaurant in Hawaii.

The restaurant’s branch at The Portman Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai, can seat 138 guests and often hosts celebrities. The group opened on March 18 the Tama Dear Hotel Haneda near the airport.

With partners from Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and the Middle East to conquer Asian and US markets, Tama Home welcomes more joint ventures.

“We strongly adhere to a philosophy of giving utmost priority to customers,” Tamaki says. “We would like to work with companies that share this mission.”


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