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Shinyei attributes strength in global consumer marketplace to adaptability and diversification

Japanese corporation offers product portfolio in fields of textiles and apparel, foodstuffs, materials, and electronics

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 12 April, 2016, 5:24pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 14 April, 2016, 9:49am

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From one of Japan’s foremost silk trading houses founded in 1887, Shinyei has evolved into a distinct international corporation engaged in niche businesses that are fundamentally linked to the betterment of people’s everyday life. Harnessing the strengths of a global group of companies and an established network of first-class suppliers, Kobe-based Shinyei has built a diversified product portfolio in the fields of textiles and apparel, foodstuffs, materials, and electronics.

“Over the course of our history spanning three centuries, we have remained highly adaptable to meet changing customer demands in the global marketplace,” says Koji Ono, president, director and CEO. “This has been our core strength supplemented by a strategy to cater to niche segments that are underserved by industry majors.”

Shinyei today generates around 50 per cent of sales from the foodstuffs division, through which it helps foster a dietary lifestyle that is safe and secure. Aside from being a leading supplier of commercial-use frozen foods, Shinyei markets fresh produce and marine products worldwide.

In line with the company’s primary ideal of continuing to create new value, its three other business units provide products tied to improving comfort, health, safety and security. Notable offerings include air-quality sensors for testing airborne dust and allergens, capacitors for use in photovoltaic power systems, industry-standard drop and shock testing devices, and high-performance fabrics.

“We are proud of our history and heritage, and we intend to share this to the world,” Ono says.

To establish greater brand awareness outside of Japan, Shinyei plans to create an e-commerce platform to carry out business transactions. In the high-growth markets of China and Southeast Asia, Shinyei seeks partners with extensive local knowledge and reach to bolster marketing of its foodstuffs and electronic products. “They can look forward to having a reliable and trusted business partner in us that is able to work with them at every level,” Ono says.