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Sanyu Rec spans across industries with customised formulated resins

Japanese manufacturer specialising in epoxy and urethane resins aims to expand foothold in Asia

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 12 April, 2016, 4:43pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 14 April, 2016, 9:54am

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A trusted manufacturer of synthetic resins, Sanyu Rec draws on its nearly 60 years of industry experience, technical expertise and broad product range to deliver customised formulated resins for various industrial applications.

“Leveraging our specialised technical capabilities, we create new products through joint development with our client partners,” says CEO Kiyoharu Onishi.

Forward-looking Sanyu Rec allocates 5 per cent of its total sales volume to research and development (R&D). Its skilled engineers work in close collaboration with clients, from product design to the production process.

Founded in 1963, Osaka-based Sanyu Rec specialises in epoxy and urethane resins, with an excellent reputation in the electronics, semiconductor, construction and light-emitting diode (LED) industries. It manufactures construction adhesives for civil engineering applications and encapsulation materials for integrated circuit packaging. In Japan, the company is a market leader in electronic device substrates.

Pursuing its green initiatives, Sanyu Rec uses plant-based raw materials for special applications, and develops environmentally friendly products such as a hybrid condenser for automotive and an encapsulation resin for energy-saving LEDs.

Active in Asia, Sanyu Rec has wholly owned subsidiaries in China and Malaysia. It operates a liaison office in India and has other manufacturing bases in South Korea and Taiwan. Following its Japanese clients overseas, the company supplies resins used in household appliance substrates and in car and motorcycle components for its regional operations. In China, Sanyu Rec works with local distributors and mainly serves local companies in the electric components manufacturing, semiconductor and LED industries.

To address Asia’s demand for Japanese high-quality products at competitive pricing, the company conducts technology transfer training with local engineers and uses locally available raw materials. It eyes expanding its regional foothold and seeks trusted and credible local partners sharing the same values and industry expertise.

“Reliability and delivering customised, high-quality products that solve clients’ needs and improve their productivity is the Sanyu Rec way of doing business,” Onishi says.


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