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MORESCO boosts research investments to widen global share

Japanese producer of industrial lube turns to mainland to aid its growth

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 April, 2016, 11:10am
UPDATED : Thursday, 14 April, 2016, 9:46am

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For Japan’s top industrial lube producer, MORESCO, securing a dominant market share for metalworking fluids and forging lubricants is a springboard to its aggressive global expansion. MORESCO is bent on growing its overseas sales ratio to 50 per cent.

With marked evolvement happening in the fields of automotive, electronics and sanitary products in Asia, MORESCO is eager to showcase its highly rated die-casting lubricants to European and North American car makers that have set up bases on the mainland.

Eyeing Indonesia’s sanitary industry, MORESCO offers safe and high-quality hot melt adhesives for use in daily hygiene products.

Acclaimed for its one-of-a-kind high-functional lubricant MORESCO HILUBE – a base oil for heat-resistant greases used for electrical components and bearings in car engines – MORESCO applies customer-focused product development methods to carry out its purification, blending and synthesis technologies. Quality is at its core.

“We specialise in quality assurance,” says Tam Akada, president. “We provide very effective products that increase our customers’ productivity. We also strengthen our operations as our clients expand their businesses to any part of the world, so they get speedy customer support.”

To aid its growth, MORESCO is bolstering its development capabilities with its four subsidiaries on the mainland. Its newly built facility in Tianjin can process up to 4,000 tonnes of hot melt adhesives annually. It has also established a local sales network in China.

“We plan to go into more attractive areas in Asia,” Akada says. “We are a research-oriented company, so we constantly develop new products and businesses to expand worldwide.”

Established in 1958, MORESCO has significantly developed the industrial and modern world’s requirements in the field of interface science.

As a specialist in water, oil and macromolecules, MORESCO applies its expertise to satisfy society’s needs.